Wonders of the World for So Little: Budget Travel Tips Well Worth Knowing

It’s hard to fulfill your travel dreams when you’re weighed down with monthly student loan payments — especially given that the average American college student leaves school owing almost $30,000. The good news is that with the U.S. dollar at an all-time high and airfares expected to drop, 2017 is a great year for budget travel.

If high credit card fees or student loans are eating into your travel budget, find out more from this student loan consolidation team on ways to stop prior debts from crimping your style. Repaying your student loans shouldn’t prevent you from seeing the world.

Can’t decide where to go for your next trip? Here are five cheap spots to consider for your next vacation.


With $3 hostels and scrumptious food for even less than that, it’s easy to see why Southeast Asia is a top destination for students and backpackers. Cambodia is so cheap that even the lush Siddharta Boutique Hotel costs just $65 a night; the hotel offers five-star accommodations with luxurious interiors, iPod docks, and a beautiful outdoor swimming pool.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is one of the more reasonably priced destinations in the Caribbean, with all-inclusive accommodations costing around $45 a day. Backpackers will want to check out the Bavaro Hostel, where you can get a dormitory bed within three minutes of the white-sand Bavaro beach for just $20 per night. Food is cheap — meals at a local restaurant cost around $7, and you can get a beer for $1.50.


Greece’s struggling economy means that traveling to the country ha never been cheaper. While staying on popular Greek islands like Mykonos or Santorini is still quite expensive, you can find many three- and four- star hotels in Athens for under $75 per night. Prices are even lower throughout the countryside, where you can dine on gyro and Souvlaki for a dollar.


Bali is known for its stunning beaches, gorgeous weather, and welcoming atmosphere. The international airfare to Bali may be expensive, but once you get there, you can live like a king in a private villa with a private pool for just $50 a night. Transportation and meal costs are also quite low in Bali compared to other exotic destinations. Accommodations ranging from hostels to luxury five-star resorts are spread throughout the island, and most are close to beaches, restaurants, shopping, and nightlife.


Just $45 a day will get you a comfy bed close to the city center (a short 20-minute subway ride from the airport) in Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital. The second oldest city in Europe, Sofia is home to several world-famous museums and galleries, including the National Literature Museum and the Museum of Socialist Art. If you prefer beach holidays, Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast offers an economical alternative to traditional vacation destinations like the south of Spain. Don’t leave Bulgaria without experiencing a tour of wine country; for only $5, you’ll get a full winery tour with multiple wine tastings and food pairings. Another good tourist spot to include in your budget travel itinerary is the UNESCO World Heritage site, located a few hours south of Varna.


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