Top Tips for Sending Gift Parcels Home When You’re Travelling

When you’re travelling, you might want to surprise your family and friends by sending gifts to them. However, organising this can seem quite tricky, especially when you don’t know how the postal system works in the country you’re travelling in.

So, to help take the hassle out of posting gifts back home, we’ve put together some top tips:

Pack the Parcel Well

It goes without saying that when you’re posting something half way around the world, it needs to be packed incredibly well – especially if it’s fragile. If you are sending something delicate, be sure to wrap it up in bubble wrap or newspaper before placing it in a cardboard box that’s just big enough. This will help make sure the item doesn’t move around during transit.

Check Custom Regulations

You’ll definitely need to consider custom regulations before you post something home, as there may be certain things that are prohibited. And you might find this list is even more extensive if you’re using air mail.

Regulations will vary with each country you’re in and each country you’re posting to, so always check out the customs guidelines before sending anything. There’s nothing worse than sending something to find it never arrived because it got detained at customs!

Find a Reputed Courier

One way to make sure your parcel arrives at its destination on time and in one piece is to use a well-known courier. Thankfully, there are couriers that operate all over the world, so you should be able to find a courier you’ve already used back home – like TNT Direct, for example.

A lot of these couriers will offer different services that vary in their transit times and costs, so you’ll be able to find one that suits your needs.

Plan Ahead

Finally, you’ll need to be on the ball if you’re sending home a gift for a particular occasion. If it’s someone’s birthday or you’re sending some gifts to your family for Christmas, make sure you’ve planned your post so it arrives there on time.

It’s always better for the delivery to arrive before the date rather than after it, so always look into the different delivery times to make sure you’ve got the right one.

By following this simple tips, you’ll be able to send parcels home to your family and friends with ease, and you’ll never miss another birthday or celebration again!


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