Top 7 Airlines Flight Tracking Apps providing Real-Time Data Insights

Travelling by air can be hectic for those who are going to visit for the first time. Not only to them but also sometimes the knowing persons too face some issues while booking the air ticket. All are in the race of saving time as much as they can from every task.

Some travel enthusiasts are more keen on grasping the knowledge about the airlines’ time, travel details, layovers, reviews, ratings, status, etc. so that they can guide the newbies or whosoever approach them to make their travel journey a lot smoother, comfortable, enjoyable, and of course safer.

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So without wasting time, let’s see some applications that can help us.

7 Real-Time tracking Applications

Here are some of the apps that provide real-time readings of the airlines.

1. Flightview – Flight Tracker

Airlines Flight Tracking Apps providing Real-Time Data Insights

ImageSource: SensorTower

The tracking application provides real-time results gathering the flights’ data from all over the globe. The push notifications avail you the tracking of in-air flights and the status alerts. Confirm doorway assignments, time durations along with the cancellations and make use of the eye-catching flight map to view the progress of flights. Fill the route details or the email to confirm; the FlightView will naturally download them into your trips.

To have a look at your booking of the trips on your mobile devices at their official site.  

The application is cheaper in comparison to other available apps on ios as well as on Android. The range is in between 4.99 dollars to 9.99 dollars.

2. FlightAware (Live Flight Tracking)

The application is available for both mobile devices as well as on the web. The PC or web version is much more appealing than the mobile version. The best demonstration of air traffic information is for the flights covering the United States and Canada countries. The data of flights globally available is flowing into the application at a surplus amount and speed.

The airlines, airports present at the moment on the planet are made available on the application. One can map the flights in the air, on the ground. The data on your device ranges from real-time to the delay of five minutes. The FlightAware also provides you to partition the data according to user’s choice.

The application provider company is doing business from the last five years, so they do know what the travellers need on their devices. The application also gives you historical data at no cost, along with the provision of open source software.

3. Plane Finder

The Pinkfoot professionals provide the service of air traffic to the Plane Finder application. The information contains the flights which are available throughout. The service is more beneficial to the ones outside the United States premises.

The application directly makes use of the data made available from the aircraft which are installed with ADS-B (Automatic Dependence Surveillance – Broadcast) technology and all-time auditing goes on by the ground stations.

What does the application cover? First of all, it won’t charge you any penny. Secondly, you get the near-real-time map at their official site. The application is a fabulous candy and mostly shock your colleagues or family members in the right way. The path is presented by the aircraft icons on the map as the plane moves in the direction to which it is running.

The coolest feature of the application is that if you point your device’s camera on the plane either on the ground or in the sky, the application will give you the details if the flight is transmitting ADS-B such as plane and flight. This is the combination of file tracking and augmented reality (AR).

The app is available for all the platforms Android, iPhone, iPad and even the windows devices in-case for those who are still using windows mobiles.

Top 7 Airlines Flight Tracking Apps providing Real-Time Data Insights

ImageSource: Searchengineland

4. FlightRadar24

This bad boy is wrapped up with some nice flight-tracking features. The version which is freely made available comes equipped with an airline in the blue dome in real time. One can see the guessed time of departure and arrivals, look for the aircraft numbers, air terminals, or even the airlines.

For the geeks, the app has pictures, previous years flight data, over that a three-dimensional pilot view. If one intends to get into more depths of data, then he can lose little dollars to Silver plan for ten bucks annually, gold membership in 35 dollars per year. The money you are paying is for more details like flight history, weather overlays, layover periods, aeronautical graphs, and more.

For paying users, they also get the support of the Apple Watch and Android Wear.

5. FlightStats

If the person is a bit professional or tech-savvy and only has his concerns for the particular data and does not want to waste his time, then FlightStats holds no competitor so far. The application is accompanied with real-time information and flight tracking services like flight number, air terminals, or the pathways.

The clean and elementary status page presents the schedules plus the actual timings of departure and arrivals, views of the map and the location of the aeroplanes. The application also provides the way through weather, gates, and the delays if any present.

The application is made available for both iTunes and Google Play platforms. The only drawback of the app is that one can not get rid of the ads, not even in the paid version.

In a scenario where one is mainly concerned with one airline bound application then he can check American Airlines, United Airlines, Aeromexico app, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airways or Singapore Airlines. These applications provide a lot of features like search, book and buy the flight ticket, check-in via mobile and digital boarding pass, keep track of your flight, fleet, and Club Premier Kilometers Premier Balance.

6. ADSB Flight Tracker

The people who target this application are the ones who want to spot the planes, aviation enthusiasts. This application has unique functionality which is ADSB receiver function, so if a geek attaches the appropriate hardware to his hand device, then nobody can bar him from collecting the information from the sky.

The software flashes the data on your handheld device with the location of the aircraft plus the fight numbers all this on a two-dimensional map, or one can even choose for 3D oversight.

The application is only limited to Android Users. This is the major drawback of the application.

7. iFLy airport Guide

The product is well promising for frequent travellers. The application provides information on more than 700 air terminals. The application is devised, keeping in mind that no two air terminals are constructed similar to each other.

So, iFly airport guide shows you the amenities of the terminals like wifi, restaurants, parking rates, on-site banks, etc.

This provides the in-depth info on check-in, present moment weather conditions, delay timings, amenities available on air terminal, on top of it the last moment car rental price deals.

The application is on both the podiums, i.e., Android and iOS.

Final Sayings

The sole purpose of the applications discussed above is to save your every bit of time before the booking and also making sure the safety factor of the traveller.


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