Planning your first ski getaway (in 2021)

Planning a first ski trip has always been something of a big deal. This is not the classic sun, sea and sand holiday – it is something that offers a much different proposition.

Suffice to say, there are a few added complexities if you are planning such an escape in 2021. At the time of writing, the resorts across Europe are limited when it comes to being open. However, by the time the ski season at the end of the year arrives, there is hope that normality may have returned and places such as the La Plagne ski resort will be ready to welcome visitors from all over Europe.

Bearing this in mind, today’s article is all about how to plan your first ski trip – with the added difficulties that a 2021 trip might prompt.

2021 will be busy – make no mistake about it

One of the biggest misconceptions about the upcoming ski season is that it is going to be easy to find accommodation and flights. As it turns out, this could not be further from the truth.

Many people are waiting to make their decision about whether to travel in 2021 – but that does not mean to say that there is an avalanche (pardon the pun) of options. Instead, many cancelled holidays from the previous year are turning over to this year, meaning that your options are quite restrictive.

As such, this cannot be a last-minute decision.

Do not bid on the reputation of après ski

You have heard the stories – après ski is one of the best ways to finish a day at the slopes.

However, the future of après ski is still up in the air. Will it open? Eventually, yes. However, one can only assume that it is going to be behind the slopes, as most of it primarily takes place indoors. Granted, there are plenty of terraces, but for the 2021 ski season there is no doubt that après ski could be toned down.

In other words, make sure you are not booking your 2021 ski holiday just because of après ski. It might not happen.

Research the supermarkets beforehand

As anyone who has attempted to save money while skiing will testify, shopping before arriving up the mountain is one of the easiest ways to do so. The shops on the mountains are expensive, while the restaurants can rarely be classed in the ‘excellent value’ category either.

Particularly in the era we find ourselves in, this is even more true nowadays. Find the large supermarkets before you ascend the mountain, and the costs (and ease of eating) during your trip will be significant.

All the other newbie tricks apply

Apart from the above, all the other classic tricks apply. Do not be the person who jumps on the red slope on day one – it is all destined to end in tears. Treat the mountains with respect, invest in an instructor, and cross your fingers that 2021 is going to bring a more normal ski season.