Travel Experience How To Maintain Complete Customer Satisfaction In Hotels

Modern life has become hectic, and people have started realizing that to maximize their productivity and lead a quality life, they need to break from routine. Going on a tour for a few days every year energizes people, and they come back to their old life with new zeal. Moreover, advancement in technology has driven changes in every aspect of human life and transformed the travel industry. People can book airline tickets, hotels and have a peek into their destination before taking a trip.

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Accommodation is one of the crucial elements of travel. Many people pay significant attention to the place they intend to stay during their short stay. The hospitality industry has benefited the most from the popularity of tourism. Customers come to the hotel with several expectations. Although other aspects are also important, comfort is their biggest concern. Most of them even do not mind spending a comparatively higher amount if the hotel promises utmost comfort and luxury.

Customer service primarily drives the hotel industry. To retain customers and maintain a good reputation, hotels have to update themselves as per ongoing trends continually. Hotels that fail to provide good service to their guests lose customers. Customers’ demand and competition in the hotel industry continue to grow. The complexity of delivering satisfactory customer service also keeps on rising.

The following are some smart tips that can help hotels in maintaining complete customer satisfaction in hotels:

  1. Tech-savvy Operators

Hotels can implement in-room technology by providing smart room keys, which allow customers to open the door with a swipe of their phones. Having tablets, charging slots, technical communication tools, a strong internet connection, and hi-tech television can highlight your rooms. Sevierville has become a hot spot for tourists, and it attracts many tourists every year. When people visit Tennessee, people often search for Hotels in Sevierville TN, and almost zero down on those that offer tech-savvy rooms, among other amenities.  Many people travel to relax, and taking hot baths and massage is an essential part of their tours.  Temperature-controlled waters, Jacuzzi, and hairstyling tools can win customers and make them a word-of-mouth marketing source for your brand.

  1. Personalized Services

Personalization is an ideal way of winning people. In this technology-driven world, hotels can take advantage of it and offer personalized services to customers. Hotels can print a special card in guests’ names and place it in their rooms to welcome them. If someone falls sick, hotels can cater to their needs by sending flowers and personalized messages, showing that they value their customers. Many people take a vacation to celebrate milestones, and hotels can send a flower bouquet with a box of chocolate and wish them. CRM, a customer relationship management system, keeps a record of customers. Hotels can send personalized promotional emails to lure people into checking out their hotels.

  1. User-friendly Website and Mobile Application

Many hotels pay specific attention to their hotel’s ambiance and work to provide comfort and luxury to customers. Still, they miss out on working on updating their websites and mobile applications. Gone are the days when people roamed around the city to book a hotel. Today, they prefer booking accommodation before taking the trip. Outdated and complicated websites lose out on customers as people do not have time to understand the website’s difficult navigation and quickly turn to other alternatives. Installing chatbots, providing quick responses on social media networks or websites, and having an updated website and application can help you gain customers.

  1. Reward Regular Customers

Who does not like freebies and complimentary services? Customers love them. Making customers feel special, works wonders, and rewarding them with complimentary services can develop a soft corner for your hotel. Hotels can treat their regular customers by giving them extra attention and making them feel valued. Offering free meals, free upgrading of rooms, or sending complimentary drinks can be a win-win for them and customers. Additionally, you can launch a scheme and have loyalty programs that make them eligible for acquiring more while paying less.

  1. Hospitable Staff

Hotel staff can make or break your hotel’s reputation. Despite the hotel spending lavishly on the hotel’s décor or comfort, if staff fails to impress customers, they are doubtful to return. From the receptionist to the person who collects trash from rooms, hotels should train every staff member and treat people to feel like guests on your property.  Smile, kind words, the right tone, and a pleasant aura create a good impression on customers. Some customers can be challenging; however, hotel staff should understand treating them with respect while maintaining their professional demeanor.

  1. Provide Customers with Memorable Experiences

Business and recreation are two significant reasons people travel. Regardless of what their reason for traveling is, if a hotel succeeds in giving them long-lasting positive memories, they make a good impression for themselves. Hotels can offer maps of the city and different tours and suggest exciting and highlighted cities’ activities. If a customer is celebrating a birthday or a couple’s wedding anniversary, hotels can help them stay memorable. Supposedly a guest falls sick; a hotel can regularly check out on him and provide them with medicines and ask about their health. Customers remember good experiences, and that can be a great source of turning them into regular ones.

  1. Be Proactive

Hotels can be proactive in their approach while dealing with customers to satisfy customers and retain them. Instead of waiting for customers to launch complaints, hotels can approach them and ask if they need anything. A tip is to contact customers after making a booking and inquire if they have some special requests. Proactiveness is a common trait among leaders, and it can help hotels provide customers with positive yet satisfactory services.


The traveling industry is booming, and so is the hospitality sector. New emerging hotels are taking the competition to another level, and hotels need to amp their services to stay in the market. Customer satisfaction is a crucial aspect of retaining them, and hotels can be innovative and apply different strategies to retain customers.


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