Explore the East: 3 Locations in the Eastern World That You Simply Must Visit

From breath-taking mountain ranges to warm waters of the coastal lines to culture rich people, the Eastern world tops as one of the best places to visit in the world. The Eastern world offers a healthy dose of adventure, an array of attraction sites and the most fascinating landscapes in the world. If you fancy a memorable vacation book your next trip at Tour East Holidays. The top three locations in the Eastern world that have made it into the top travel destinations in the Eastern world include: 


Take your vacation in Thailand which is among the top tourist destinations in the world. Thailand is packed with great attraction sites. Visit the Erawan falls; get to see the water monitor lizard in this seven tiered falls. Get to see the ancient Chiang Mai city where orange dresses monks cross your path. Get to visit the beautiful beaches in Thailand with crystal blue waters. Enjoy the beach parties graced with a mix of great food and culture of the people. You can also get restaurant discounts in Phuket and other places in Thailand if you book in advance using the eatigo app.  Visit the historical parks in Thailand that date back centuries ago. Make memories as you cruise through the several islands along the coastline. 


Malaysia also known as the Pristine Malaysia is the top-notch site to visit and enjoy your vacation according to Malaysia travel. Get into a stupor from eating too much of their delicious food, from the island with the best cuisine in South East Asia. Enjoy the warm waters by diving into the finest waters of the Pacific Ocean. Get lost in the culture of the people portrayed in their hip museums and art galleries. Take an excursion through the zoos and theme parks in the island. Before your trip is over make sure you have a private tour through the enchanted forest to get a good dose of the island’s serene nature.  


Visit Singapore explains that Singapore is notorious for being expensive and having high-end luxurious shopping sites. You will however be surprised at what else the country has to offer. It is a modern yet green country well equipped with the best food, beautiful landscapes and culture that would impress any traveller. Despite being expensive the country has quite a lot to offer from over 50 city parks, mega shopping malls, mysterious museums, and unique accommodation spots. Singapore is the right place for explorers, shoppers, foodies and collectors as this is where new experiences are created every day. It is said that you could try out a new restaurant in Singapore every day and still not explore all the different cuisines the country has to offer. Reside in the high-end accommodation options and shop in world class shopping sites in Singapore then later take a trip through mangrove forests in the North East.  

The Eastern definitely has a lot to offer the traveller. Choose the package that suits your needs from romantic getaways to fun filled family excursions and solo vacations. Get your vacation custom made from Tour East Holidays and make memories that will last a lifetime. 


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  1. Been to all three and couldn’t agree more, they’re 3 of my favourite Asian countries! I especially love the food, I don’t think food gets better than South-east Asian cuisine!

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