What to Pack for a Day at the Beach: Beach Packing List

Many of us will be spending time at the beach this summer whether traveling or close to home.  Not sure what to pack for a day at the beach or worried you will forget any beach essentials? To make sure you don’t forget anything and have a great day at the beach, I have put together a beach vacation packing list.  (I also have a summer travel packing list if you are traveling this summer but this list is only for spending a day at the beach.)

Beach Packing List

Below is my beach vacation packing list.

What to Pack for a Day at the Beach Essentials Packing List

Beach Essentials

• Beach bag – Essential for carrying your beach essentials!

• Sunglasses – A must for the beach or most days really. Darker pairs offer the best UV protection.

• Hat – A hat is a must for sun protection.  A floppy hat is cute and stylish option for women. Coolibar hats have excellent sun protection for both men and women.

• Sunscreen  – Don’t forget to bring sunscreen! Make sure your sunscreen has UVA as well as UVB protection and make sure to reapply after sweating or getting wet.

• Lip balm with UV protection – Don’t forget your lips! Many people lather on the sunscreen but they overlook sun protection for their lips.

• Water – If you are going to a more remote beach bring your own water.

• Reusable/ insulated water bottle –  I like this insulated water bottle because it keeps my water and other drinks cool.

• Reading material –  A magazine, book or kindle.  If you need book suggestions, check out 45 of the best travel books.

• Smart Phone –  I never go anywhere without my smartphone.

• External Battery – If your battery gets depleted fast, you might also want to bring an external battery to recharge your phone or other electronics.

• ID and cash – I would not bring a lot of cash but a bit of cash for buying snacks and drinks  is a good idea.

Clothes to Bring for the Beach

• Flip-flops – These are my favorite flip flops because they have great traction and don’t slip when walking on wet surfaces.

• Bathing suits  – Don’t forget to pack at least 1 bathing suit for the beach or pool.

• Beach Coverup  – Women might want to bring a sarong, kaftan or swimwear cover up for the beach. Men can just wear shorts and a T-shirt.

• Extra change of clothes and underwear  – If you plan to shower at the beach, bring a change of clothes.

• Wet/Dry Bag for bathing suit  – If you plan to change at the beach, a wet/dry bag is a must for packing wet bathing suits.

Other Items You Might Need

• Beach towels – Your hotel might provide towels for the beach but if not don’t forget to bring one or more beach towels.

• Beach mat or folding beach chair – Might be useful if going to a beach without chairs.

• Beach umbrella  – Many beaches have umbrellas and chairs you can use but if you are driving to a more remote beach you might want to pack your own beach umbrella.

• Snacks – You might want to pack snacks unless you are going to a beach with food nearby.  Granola bars make a great snack.

• First aid kit – A basic first aid kit (band aids, tweezer, and pain reliever) is a good idea especially for families with young children.

• Toiletries – Tissues, small mirror, hair spray with UV protection, comb or brush, hair ties, antibacterial wipeshand sanitizer and if you will be showering (shampoo, conditioner and deodorant).

GoPro –  A GoPro HERO5 Black is great for taking underwater photos.

Waterproof Phone Case  – A waterproof smartphone case is handy if you want to bring your phone in the water for selfies.

Entertainment – Beach ball, beach pail and shovels, floaties and other beach toys.

Cooler – If you are driving to the beach you might want to bring a cooler. (Here is my list of road trip essentials!)

Do you have any beach essentials?
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What to Pack for a Day at the Beach Essentials Packing List
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