Practical and Useful Travel Gifts That Every Traveler Needs!

Looking for travel gift ideas for the travel lovers in your life? While there are a lot of gifts that travelers would love there are some practical travel gifts that are essentials for travelers. Here are my picks for the most useful and practical travel gifts that every traveler needs.

Practical and Useful Travel Gifts

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1. External Battery

This external battery is one of the most useful and practical gifts for travelers. I use them to charge my phone and other electronics when I am somewhere where there are no power outlets. My phone runs out of battery so quickly that I cannot live without one!

2. Universal Travel Adaptor

A universal travel adaptor is a must have item for any international traveler.

3. Reusable Water Bottle

Every traveler can use a reusable water bottle. Not only is using a reusable water bottle good for the planet but it will save them money not having to purchase bottled water. For those that travel to places where the tap water is not safe to drink consider a water bottle with build in filter that filters out impurities from water.

4. TSA Approved Lock

A traveler can never have too many locks. I have several of these TSA approved locks probably because I lose them! I use them to lock my bags when checking bags on flights and even lock up my carry on luggage in case I am forced to gate check it. I also lock up my luggage when I am out of the room at my hotel or hostel.

5. Bamboo Travel Cutlery Set

This useful gift is perfect for travelers that strive to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. Instead of using plastic utensils and straws, they can use this bamboo travel cutlery set on their travels which also comes in an easy to carry pouch.

6. Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise cancelling headphones are useful gifts for frequent flyers who want to sleep on a long flight. I am a big fan of Bose headphones.

7. Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes are one of the best ways for travelers to keep their belongings organized in their luggage.

8. Compression Socks

Compression socks help prevent swelling and DVT and are a must have item for travellers to survive long flights in economy.

9. Power Strip

A compact power strip is useful for travelers when they find themselves somewhere with few power outlets and want to charge multiple electronic devices.

10. Luggage Tags

Luggage tags are one of the most useful gifts for any traveler.

11. Eye Mask

All travelers could use an eye mask. Blocking out light will help your favorite traveler get a good night sleep on flights, rooms without black out curtains or hostels with roommates that keep the lights on.

12. Solar Portable Charger

A must for a sustainable traveler or one that spends a lot of time outdoors. Even if doing a multi-day trek they can use this solar portable charger to charge their phone.

13. Quick Drying Towel

A lightweight quick drying towel is useful for travelers that stay at hostels or vacation rentals that don’t provide towels. It is also a great gift for beach lovers!

14. Reusable Shopping Bag

A reusable shopping bag is another useful and environmentally friendly travel gift. Instead of getting a bunch of plastic bags when they go shopping, they can use a reusable shopping bag to carry back their groceries, souvenirs and other purchases. This reusable shopping bag comes in a bunch of cute colors and prints and also fits in a small travel pouch.

15. Travel Journal

A travel journal is a useful gift for travelers that want to take notes.

16. Toiletry Bag with Hook

A toiletry bag with a hook is useful for keeping toiletries organized. It is especially useful for travelers staying at hostels or somewhere where they have to share bathrooms.

17. Kindle Paperwhite

A Kindle Paperwhite is another practical gift for travelers. Getting lost in a book is one of my tips on how to survive a long flight in economy. It is also a space saver because you can download your favorite travel books on your kindle, instead of carrying a bunch of books with you.

18. RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet

Every traveler needs someplace to organize his passport, ID, credit cards and boarding pass. This cute RFID Blocking travel passport wallet is perfect for organizing your carry-on travel essentials, and has an RFID blocking shield material which protects from identity theft.

19. Anti-Theft Travel Bag or Purse

Any traveler will appreciate an anti-theft travel bag or purse with useful features such as locking compartments, slash-resistant material, and RFID blocking card pockets and slots. Travelon and PacSafe have a large collection of anti-theft purses, backpacks, and bags for both women and men. This classic black backpack is a great choice for almost anyone on your list.

20. Travel Subscription Box

A travel subscription box or food subscription box is a great gift for those that want to travel from home. Foodies will love Universal Yums which sends travel lovers snacks and candies from a different country each month.

21. Electronics Organizer

What is more practical than a handy electronics organizer to keep all your electronic devices and accessories organized.

22. AirTags/Luggage Trackers

If you have traveled recently or even watched the news, you are familiar with how many checked bags are being lost by airlines. Put a tracker (such as an Apple AirTag) in every one of your checked bags so you can track them. Apple AirTags only work with Apple devices. For Android users, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag are similar and work for Samsung Galaxy devices.

23. Packable Backpack

A lightweight, foldable backpack like this water resistant backpack is perfect for short hikes, day trips and other short excursions and takes up little space in your luggage.

24. Travel Shoe Bags

Every traveler can use travel shoe bags to pack their shoes in their luggage while keeping everything else clean.

25. Travel Gift Card

What is more practical than free travel? Every traveler can use a hotels.com gift card for free hotel stays. A GetYourGuide gift card can be used for tours, day trips, skip the line tickets worldwide. Fever gift card can be used for unique and exclusive experiences in various cities around the world. Gift cards can be purchased in various amounts which make for a great travel gift whatever your budget.

Are any of these useful travel gifts on your wish list for the holidays this year?

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  1. These are really useful and have become necessities now. For me, most important is the universal adapter. Still, remember getting to a foreign land and finding that my gadgets could not be connected to the electrical ports. Had to get an adapter on SOS basis.

  2. Awesome list of great products! I love packing cubes. And those Anker powercores are indispensible!

  3. I have the Universal Travel Adapter and it has traveled with me across 3 different continents, love it. Great list, will probably buy the Compression Socks.

  4. Thanks for a great list of gifts that are perfect for the coming holiday season. I have been looking into getting packing cubes so actually might go for them myself, but the journal and the luggage tags are perfect to present to friends and family who enjoy travelling.

  5. Great list! Packing cubes have changed my traveling life… such a fabulous gift idea! Love that all of these are affordable too ? Thanks so much for the suggestions!

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