Travel Goals: 100 Things to Do Before You Die!

If you love to travel you probably have an endless travel bucket list of places you want to visit and things you want to see and do before you die. Sometimes it can be hard to narrow down where to go so to help you decide on your travel goals I’ve put together the ultimate travel bucket list with the top 100 things to do before you die. Why 100? Partly because 100 is a goal worthy (but feasible) number to aim for – not too few destinations that you will check off the list in a few years but not so many things that would make the list impossible.

Travel Goals: 100 Things to Do Before You Die

100 Things to Do Before You Die Travel Goals
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  1. Visit all 7 continents.
  2. Visit Antarctica.
  3. Step foot on the North Pole.
  4. Travel to over 100 countries. Some people want to visit every country but I think 100 is a more feasible goal.
  5. Visit all 50 states in the United States.
  6. Take a great American road trip.
  7. See Niagara Falls.
  8. View the beautiful Northern Lights. Even better if you can see them from inside a glass igloo hotel.
  9. Stay in an overwater villa.

Machu Pichu one of the top 100 bucket list places to visit before you die

  1. Watch the sunrise at Machu Picchu, Peru, a must on any South America bucket list.
  2. See the Taj Mahal in India.
  3. Hike the Great Wall of China.
  4. Soak in the iconic Blue Lagoon in Iceland.
  5. See the fjords in Norway.
  6. Ride a gondola in Venice, Italy.

Island hopping in Greece is one of the top 100 things to do before you die

  1. Go island hopping in Greece. Read: Most Beautiful Greek Islands You Need to Visit
  2. See the Acropolis in Athens, Greece.
  3. Take part in the La Tomatina festival in Spain where locals and tourists throw tomatoes at each other.
  4. Visit Munich, Germany during Oktoberfest, the world’s largest beer festival.
  5. Visit one of the many Christmas markets in Europe.
  6. Visit one or more of Europe’s fairytale towns.
  7. Admire the beautiful Sistine Chapel and St Peter’s Basilica at the Vatican.
  8. See Michelangelo’s David and other great art in Florence, Italy.

Cinque Terre, Italy should be at the top of your Ultimate Travel Bucket List

  1. Explore the Cinque Terre, Italy, made up of five colorful seaside villages.
  2. See the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy.
  3. Visit the Colosseum in Rome, Italy.
  4. See the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France.
  5. Visit the beautiful and famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.
  6. Explore London, England, visiting some of its must-see sights like Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Tower of London and Westminster Abbey.
  7. See Stonehenge in England.
  8. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland.
  9. Ride in a hot air balloon over Cappadocia, Turkey.
  10. Admire the view from the top of Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) in Dubai.
  11. Float in the Dead Sea, Jordan.
  12. Explore the ancient city of Petra, Jordan.
  13. Travel the Silk Road.
  14. Take an epic train journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway.
  15. Swim with thousands of stingless jellyfish in Jellyfish Lake, Palau.

Watching the sunrise at Anghor Wat in Cambodia is one of the top 100 things you should do before you die

  1. Watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia.
  2. Take a junk boat cruise in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.
  3. Spot a Komodo dragon (the largest lizard in the world) at Komodo Island, Indonesia.
  4. Party on the beach at a Full Moon Party at Koh Phangan, Thailand.
  5. Celebrate Yi Peng and Loy Krathong (Lantern Festival) in Thailand.
  6. Volunteer with elephants at a responsible and ethical sanctuary like Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.
  7. Walk through beautiful green rice terraces in Asia. You can find them in several countries including Bali, China, Vietnam and the Philippines.

Bagan, Myanmar is a must on any world travel bucket list

  1. Take a hot air balloon ride over the temples at sunrise in Bagan, Myanmar.
  2. Swim in the world’s largest rooftop infinity pool at the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore.
  3. Admire the Hong Kong skyline from the top of Victoria’s Peak.
  4. See giant pandas in Chengdu, China.
  5. Enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms in Japan.
  6. Visit Tokyo, Japan one of the most unique cities in the world.
  7. Stay in a ryokan in Japan.
  8. Stay at an ice hotel.
  9. Eat at an undersea restaurant like this one in the Maldives.
  10. Visit North Korea.
  11. Trek to Mount Everest Base Camp in Nepal.
  12. Explore spectacular glow worms caves in New Zealand.
  13. Visit the Sydney Opera House, in Sydney, Australia.
  14. See Uluru, Australia (also known as Ayer’s Rock) a must on any Australia bucket list.
  15. Scuba dive or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
  16. Hike or take a cable car to the top of Table Mountain, which overlooks Cape Town, South Africa.
  17. Visit the pyramids in Egypt.
  18. Wander around the colorful souks (open air markets) in Marrakesh, Morocco.
  19. Go on an African safari.
  20. See the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti, Africa.
  21. Eat breakfast with giraffes at Giraffe Manor, a bucket list worthy hotel in Kenya.
  22. Trek mountain gorillas in Africa. You can mountain gorillas in 3 African countries (Rwanda, Uganda or the Democratic Republic of the Congo).
  23. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa.
  24. Climb the beautiful red-sand dunes of Sossusvlei in Namibia.
  25. See Victoria Falls (from both Zambia and Zimbabwe).
  26. Visit Iguazu Falls in South America.
  27. See unique wildlife in the Galapagos Islands.
  28. Hike to the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and enjoy spectacular views.
  29. Celebrate Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
  30. Dance the tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  31. Visit the photogenic Salar de Uyuni salt flats in Bolivia.
  32. Road trip across the Atacama Desert, Chile, the driest desert in the world.
  33. Hike in Patagonia.
  34. Explore the Amazon jungle and river in South America.

Easter Island is a top 100 bucket list destination

  1. Marvel at the famous monumental statues on Easter Island.
  2. Admire the enormous penguin population in the Falkland Islands.
  3. See Chichen Itza, Mexico voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.
  4. Visit Cuba.

Antelope Canyon is a must on any USA Travel Bucket List

  1. Photograph Antelope Canyon in the American Southwest which is one of the most instagrammable places in the United States.
  2. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans.
  3. Gamble, party, eat and have fun in Las Vegas.
  4. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in New York City’s Times Square.


  1. See the Statue of Liberty, USA.
  2. Enjoy beautiful NYC views from the top of the Empire State Building.  Read: Weekend In New York City Itinerary
  3. Visit the Grand Canyon – a must on any USA bucket list!

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge is one of the top bucket list things to do in the USA

  1. Cross the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
  2. See the Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles, California.
  3. Take an architecture river cruise in Chicago (my hometown).
  4. Visit Albuquerque, New Mexico during the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, the largest hot air balloon festival in the world.
  5. Explore Yellowstone National Park, America’s first national park and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  6. Explore beautiful Banff National Park in Canada.
  7. See polar bears in the wild in Churchill, Canada or Svalbard in the Arctic.

  1. Take a river cruise.
  2. Spend a night in a desert camp.
  3. Fly in first or business class. (Find out how I do it for almost free here).

So there you have it – the ultimate travel bucket list of 100 things to do before you die.  If there is an experience or place I should include let me know in the comments below!

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100 Things to do Before You Die Ultimate Travel Bucket List Goals



  1. I’ve done nine of those so far. Hoping for more this year!

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