Best Travel Shows on Netflix to Watch Right Now

Looking for travel related activities to do at home to feed your wanderlust? These include reading books, browsing Instagram feeds, and — of course — Netflix. More specifically, watching travel shows on Netflix.

Even in normal circumstances, travel TV offers much-needed escapism. In recent years, Netflix got the message and started producing a large number of these shows. This led to a deluge of travel-related content and navigating it became tough.

Looking for suggestions? You’ve come to the right place! Here is a list of the best travel shows on Netflix you have to check out.

Best Travel Shows on Netflix

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1. Street Food

From the creators of Chef’s Table, this series swaps the formal setting for the streets. The first season of Street Food takes us to Asia, as we travel through Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, and so on. All episodes clock in at close to 30 minutes.

During our travels, we find out how each country treats its street vendors. The series enjoys taking its time in letting these vendors tell their stories. Each episode notes the personal connection between the food and the people who make it.

2. Ugly Delicious

Ugly Delicious is a lot of things, but it’s a travel show at heart. Now in its second season, the David Chang-hosted series is better than ever. The show consists of Chang traveling the world and discussing life, culture, and anything else he thinks of.

The show’s main drawing point is its complete lack of pretense. Chang meets a lot of celebrities on his travels, but the show remains pleasantly grounded. The second season takes us from Tokyo and Istanbul to Outback Steakhouse.

3. Somebody Feed Phil

Do you enjoy Everybody Loves Raymond? Even if you’re not a fan, check out its hilarious creator Phil Rosenthal in this documentary. Throughout the show, Rosenthal eats his way through Lisbon, Bangkok, Tel Aviv, and other lovely places.

One great thing about Somebody Feed Phil is its optimistic nature. Though there’s a clear focus on food, the show is also about Rosenthal’s trip of discovery. With all the stress around us, the positive vibes this show provides are priceless.

4. Tales by Light

Most great documentaries depend on their photographers. Unfortunately, they often get left out of the spotlight while they’re looking for those perfect shots. Tales by Light aims to rectify that by focusing on the photographers themselves.

In each episode, we follow one photographer taking us along on their journey. Throughout their quest, they cover the most interesting corners of our planet. As luck would have it, the photographers are also among the best in the world.

5. Travels with My Father

Speaking of comedians traveling the world, that list keeps getting bigger. Travels with My Father is one of the more successful entries, featuring Jack Whitehall and his dad, Michael. Imagine traveling with your parents, and you’ll get the show’s appeal.

Throughout its 13 episodes, the pair goes on a series of unlikely adventures. They visit Angkor Wat, Chernobyl, and a Thai full moon party. The moments in-between are even better, as they keep forcing each other out of their comfort zones.

6. Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Haven’t had enough of David Chang? If so, this 4-part series will make for a great binge watch on a lazy Sunday afternoon. In each episode, Chang visits one of his celebrity friends and dives into their local food scenes.

The supporting cast of Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner includes Seth Rogen, Chrissy Teigen, Lena Waithe, and Kate McKinnon. The show itself is a little less dialed-in than Ugly Celebrities, but it’s still quite fun. The influence of the late Anthony Bourdain is on full display.

7. Our Planet

If you consider yourself a traditionalist, you likely want more Planet Earth. Well, Our Planet is the closest thing you can find on Netflix. Narrated by Attenborough and produced by BBC, this show breathes new life into a nature series format.

Much like Planet Earth, Our Planet is one of the best-received documentaries out there. It’s easy to see why: the show’s vast scope takes us from the Arctic tundra to the deepest oceans. If this doesn’t scratch your travel itch, nothing will!

8. Emily in Paris

From the creator of Sex and The City, Emily in Paris is a show about a young American woman who moves from Chicago to Paris to work for a Parisian marketing firm. While not an entirely accurate portrayal of French culture, it showcases the beauty of Paris (one of the most beautiful cities in Europe if not the world).

More Travel Shows on Netflix

Yes, watching travel shows on Netflix is no substitute for a real adventure. If you run out of stuff to binge, there are many good shows we haven’t mentioned.

Chances are, watching some of these travel shows on Netflix will inspire you to start preparing for your own trip.

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  1. Great article thanks for sharing! They really help with the travel withdrawal during the shelter in place. “Restaurants on the Edge” is also a good one to check out. Restaurants with great views and bad reviews get help from 3 intrepid restauranteurs/designers. Kind of a mash up of Gordon Ramsey, Fixer Upper, and Queer Eye. Glad we found your blog. Stay safe!

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