6 Attractive Places To Visit in the Middle East

When traveling in the middle east, you can hear yourself for some adventurous sights that will leave you amazed. The Middle East has the world’s most underappreciated regions. The most attractive cities in the Middle East are sometimes neglected. Most people are ignorant of the region’s rich architecture, mystic culture, the world’s oldest historic towns and villages, or delicious food.

Furthermore, foreign media frequently prefers to convey images of disasters and adverse events in the Middle East. This distortion of reality alters people’s perceptions to the point where the entire Middle East region appears to be a dangerous place to visit as if it were a single country.

You can have a visit to any of the 16 middle east countries and figure out the reality on your own. It would be much more relaxing to book a flight through international airlines of any of the selected countries to do so. For example, if you choose the Middle East, you can opt for Emirates flights to give you a luxurious experience getting to the Middle East.

Let’s check out 6 middle east countries that are considered beautiful destinations among tourists.

1. United Arab Emirates

bucket list hotel in dubai

Unless you’re a die-hard critic, it’s difficult not to be wowed by the UAE’s glitzy, artificial wonders, from Abu Dhabi’s 82-dome Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque to Dubai’s Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Surprisingly, the country was once just a tiny federation of desert outposts, and those who want to see past the glossy exterior can still get a glimpse of its sand-dusted essence.

Clothing should cover the tops of arms and legs, including the knees, for men and women. Because this is a desert region, the weather is warm even in the winter; in the summer, it’s scorching. The hottest months in Dubai are July and August when the temperature averages around 106 degrees Fahrenheit.

Dubai has plenty of options if you want a burger or steak, Brazilian barbeque, Turkish food, or Thai food.

2. Turkey


The warmth of the Turkish people makes visiting a delight; in fact, denying invitations may offend, and you may find yourself making friends through the most mundane of transactions. Of course, this can be an excuse to sell you something at the big resorts and tourist traps, but elsewhere, despite a history of outsiders causing so much harm, the warmth and kindness are genuine.

The Sultan Ahmed Mosque, often known as the Blue Mosque, is a historical mosque in Istanbul. The mihrab, a semicircular alcove that denotes the direction of the Kaaba in Mecca, is the most crucial element inside the Blue Mosque.

Turkish cuisine is among the best globally, alongside French, Chinese, Italian, and other cuisines. Like the country’s cultural mosaic, Turkey’s cuisine is vibrant and diverse, including a wide range of influences and flavors.

3. Jordan
Jordan is becoming increasingly popular as more people begin to travel to the Middle East. It’s simple to see why, with seas to float in, desert communities to stay with, delicious cuisine to eat on, and archaeological sites to discover.

To enter Jordan, you will require a visa regardless of where you are from. The vast majority of nationalities can get theirs issued at the Jordanian border or the Amman airport. Most people are drawn to Jordan because they want to see ancient Petra or experience desert life in Wadi Rum, but the cuisine should also be considered.

4. Lebanon
Lebanon is in the heart of the Middle East. Still, it may surprise you to learn that over 40% of its population is Christian, including Protestants, Armenian Apostolic, Greek Orthodox, and Melkite Catholics, to mention a few. Both Muslims and Christians coexist peacefully in Lebanon today, as evidenced by daily life and the city’s architecture.

Lebanon’s specialty ranges from conventional Middle Eastern hummus to a local steak tartare known as kibbeh, numerous vegetarian meals comprising grilled eggplant, and expertly grilled meat, all served with lots of olive oil and a glass of the region’s best wine.

5. Saudi Arabia

Masjid Al Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Traveling to Saudi Arabia is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that only a few people will have. The answer is simple: it was the only country in the world that did not issue a tourist visa until recently.

In Saudi Arabia, there are several tourist attractions, gorgeous natural landscapes, and historical sites to visit. The Corniche, Souq Al Alawi, the Al-Tayibat City Museum for International Civilization, and the Jeddah Tower, which is under construction right now but will be the world’s tallest skyscraper, are all major tourist sites in Jeddah.

People in Saudi Arabia are friendly, especially if you exhibit humility. In Saudi Arabia, there are wide-ranging hotels and other lodging options.

6. Syria
Syria is one of the world’s most historically significant countries and one of the most popular Middle Eastern tourist attractions. Since late 2018, western tourists have crossed the border from Lebanon into Syria to see one of the friendliest and most appealing countries in the Middle East.

The link to Damascus International Airport (DAM) from outside the Middle East is currently lacking, but it is improving.

While most hotels, higher-end restaurants, and coffee shops/bars offer free WiFi, the speed and stability of the connection have improved dramatically in the previous year.


That concludes the list of the most attractive cities in the Middle East to visit. I could go on, but this list is excellent if you see or intend to travel to the Middle East but are scared to visit Arab countries. Each of these places has some out-of-the-box thing to offer.

Indeed, all of them will give you unique experiences and new memories to take back with you. One or more of these stunning countries should be at the top of your travel wish list!


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