How to Prepare for Your First-Ever Spa Retreat

Spending a few hours at a spa allows you to experience plenty of benefits, some of which are getting the chance to de-stress, relax, get relief from body aches, re-energise, and rejuvenate your skin tone and health.

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You can double all these health benefits and experience a few more when going on a spa retreat.

Spa retreats give you more than a day of relaxing and engaging in various activities aimed to give your mind and body a chance to repair the effects of daily stress.

Some of these activities that you can experience at a spa retreat include practising meditation and spiritual exercises, trying different outdoor sports, getting lessons on nutrition planning, and joining cooking classes.

Some retreats at a wellness spa also offer life coaching and weight loss planning sessions to help you lead a healthier lifestyle even after your getaway.

Of course, a spa retreat won’t be complete without using the different spa facilities that allow you to de-stress, relax, have better skin, and heal physically.

All these activities will enable you to feel better inside and out, ready to deal with the usual hustle and bustle of the daily grind, and start having a healthier lifestyle.

Getting the Most Out of Your First Spa Retreat

Planning and preparing well for your first spa retreat can help you get the most out of your first spa retreat.

Below are some tips for preparing for your first spa getaway:

1.     Inform the spa about any allergies or health conditions you may have.

Once you have booked your retreat, make sure you inform the provider of any food allergy or health condition you have, including pregnancy and any recent surgery.

You need to let them know beforehand so that they can prepare to meet any requirement you have that may affect the spa treatments you’ll be getting.

Generally, spa experiences can be adapted to meet a guest’s specific needs. However, some providers are more equipped to accommodate certain health conditions than others.

If you have special requirements, speaking to the staff in advance can ensure you avoid getting disappointed, enjoy a safe retreat, and have the perfect experience. 

2.     Check your itinerary.

Knowing beforehand the activities you will do and the facilities you can access can help you prepare well for your spa retreat.

If you signed up for a traditional spa or “wellcation” program, expect to undergo the usual spa treatments and therapies with the purpose of enhancing your health and beauty.

Under such programs, you’ll get to use the Jacuzzi, sauna and steam room, and other spa facilities. Your treatment itinerary may also include the use of a swimming pool, hydrotherapy circuits, and other amenities.

If you choose a retreat in a destination spa, prepare for a more comprehensive healthy holiday program. Aside from the usual spa treatments and use of facilities, expect well-planned fitness activities and exercise classes, wellness lectures, and balanced meals.

Some spa resorts also offer medical and healing treatments. These services usually focus on aesthetic enhancement or improving physical wellness.

Although you may already have a copy of the itinerary, you will do well to request the final schedule so that you’ll know what and how many changes of clothing and footwear to bring.

3.     Pack your bag with your itinerary in mind.

With your itinerary at hand, choose the items you’ll bring for your spa getaway.

If the spa resort is near the beach and has swimming pools, make sure you bring one or two swimsuits. Don’t forget to pack other beachwear, resort wear, nightwear, and footwear.

If working out and engaging in sports are part of your itinerary, pack one or two activewear or workout clothes and a pair of gym sneakers.

Make sure you also pack everything you need to stay comfortable and healthy during your retreat. These include your sunglasses, beach hat, sunblock, deodorant, contact lens case and solution, supplements, and medicines.

If your retreat is medically based, bring your medical records, including recent lab results and your doctor’s special instructions. 

Don’t forget to bring your chargers, especially if the retreat is for at least five days.

4.     Know what not to bring.

There are several items that you need not bring to your spa retreat. These include towels, bathrobes, and toiletries.

The resort usually provides these items, so bringing them will be useless.

Soaps, shampoos, and lotions are also given to guests. However, if you have sensitive skin or are using specialised products, bring and use them to avoid developing irritations.

Also, you will do well not to bring expensive jewellery, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Since you can’t wear them when you go swimming, engage in other water activities, and work out, it is best to leave them at home.

5.     Begin your physical and mental preparations.

You can get more health benefits and achieve the goals you set for your spa getaway by starting your physical and mental preparations days before the retreat.

Here are some steps for preparing yourself for your retreat:

Follow a healthy diet.

Stick to having balanced meals and a healthy eating schedule. Avoid unhealthy, fatty, and carbohydrate-heavy foods, especially after seven at night. Start cutting down on caffeine and alcohol as well.

Start detoxing.

Help your body maximise the healthy effects of your spa retreat by detoxing days before it starts. An easy way to do this is to drink more water and herbal teas to reduce your intake of caffeinated, carbonated, sugary, and alcoholic beverages. Also, reduce your salt intake and eat more prebiotics and antioxidant-rich foods.

Be more physically active.

Being in good shape will help if you have a long journey to get to the spa resort. Moreover, having a fit body ensures you can keep up with the activities you will do during the retreat. As such, work out at least 30 minutes every day. If you are already in great shape, add stretching exercises or yoga to your routine for better flexibility.

As an additional tip, you will do well to prepare for your spa holiday the way you would when going on a typical vacation. Try to anticipate any emergency that may come up during your retreat.

If you are going to another country, make copies of all your travel documents. Also, give your family details of your trip, such as where you’ll stay, what activities that you’ll be doing, and how they can contact you.

When you follow these tips, you can avoid pre-holiday anxiety and concentrate on preparing yourself for a relaxing and beneficial spa retreat.



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