Make the Most Out Of Your Spa Treatment with These Tips 

Many travelers choose now to do spa vacations. For some of them, this is the most important part of their vacation. We have written this article to give you the best tips on how to make the most out of your spa vacation. Voyage Prive deals are the best on the market, so make sure you check them out.

Spa vacations have become so popular nowadays. In the year 2013, an International Spa Association study has found that the Spa business has reached the overall record of 14 billion dollars. About 160 million people visited the spa in 2012, and in the next few years, it will probably grow by about 10% – that’s twice the rate of global tourism overall.

Who goes to the spa?

According to some studies, a spa vacation is booked by people who are 46 to 55 years old, and the youngest that do this are the baby boomers. They are followed by Generation X, those that are aged from 36 to 45 years old. Also, it has been shown that women who travel together are the largest groups of spa vacationers and men represent about 47% of the US spa clients.

The spa industry is getting popular more and more every day, and it has increased a lot over the last five years. The clients are mainly couples from 30 to 55 years old, and also it seems that there are more men present there, than women. Many husbands buy tickets for their wives – it almost became a tradition. Also, groups or friends are always present there.

Different kinds of spa vacation experiences

Because the typical spa traveler has changed, it’s understandable that the type of revenue that offers treatments has also changed. Spas aren’t happening only for resorts anymore. Nowadays, every hotel that respects itself has a relaxing revenue for their clients, and because this happens to almost every hotel, they have to make a difference – so they have come up with ways to differentiate their treatments.

Many clients are looking for something authentic, something that they won’t be able to do on their own at home. Nowadays, you can buy a high quality foot spa that you can use at home so the spas need to make sure they are offering something that goes above and beyond. Many of the treatments have natural ingredients, such as vanilla and monoi.

They are using different massage techniques, such as a combination of Thai massage and stretching with herbal pouches, that are warm and that are pressed firmly on the muscles. Some others are using paired tables with matching vibration and even sound waves (this is particularly so popular among spa travelers).

How to make the most of your vacation

The first spa tip that we offer is that you should get a signature treatment that’s local to the destination you’re visiting right now. You should ask a travel advisor to show you the spa services that are available in your location, before you actually book your trip, because there’s nothing worse than finding out that the facility you want to go is booked and you don’t have any other place to go for that message you have wanted for so long.

Don’t choose a single treatment, instead stay for a half or even full day if you can. It will bring you more benefits to your experience if you just take your time and relax as you’re supposed to. Many of the spas even arrange with some catering services to bring your food if you’re there over a meal time.

Make sure you book one of the spa’s packages of services. This way, you’ll enjoy your relaxing time at a better value.


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