Craving a Relaxing Getaway? 5 Signs You Need to Indulge in a Long-Term Vacation

Working tirelessly for months on end may add zeros to the end of your hard-earned paycheck, but it can also result in mental exhaustion and work-life burnout. If you’re starting to feel the workaholic fatigue creep in, it may be time for a vacation. Although weekend getaways and short-term staycations may offer temporary relief from everyday stressors, brief holidays can’t fully satiate your travel bug or cure classic cases of professional lethargy. Instead of planning an unsatisfying mini-trip, take your well-deserved money and indulge in a rejuvenating extended vacation to recharge your drained mental battery.
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Before you pack your bags and board your flight, it’s essential to plan and prepare for departure thoroughly. Consider personal goals and expectations, research long-term, travel-friendly destinations, and consider travel time and distance to ensure a perfectly-suited adventure for your specific needs. Although short, week-long vacations are common and tempting for individuals itching for adventure, small excursions often lack many one-of-a-kind experiences traveling abroad.  Rather than wasting money on overloaded, unsatisfying trips, embark on a much-needed extended getaway for immersive, life-changing experiences.

How to prepare for a long-term vacation

Before takeoff, take extra precautions to protect and maintain your home while away. Lock all doors and windows, close blinds or curtains, and enlist a trusted neighbor to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity for peace of mind while adventuring. Another detail to consider is auto transportation and navigation in foreign destinations. Using public transit in unfamiliar cities can be an anxiety-filled nightmare. Instead, try shipping your car stress-free using auto transportation experts like Guardian Auto Transport and make navigating foreign territory a breeze.

Signs an extended vacation is right for you:

You’re hoping to maximize every second of your PTO

For most individuals in the workforce, paid time off is precious. Maximize your PTO by ditching expensive short trips and replacing them with surprisingly affordable long-term vacations. Planning annual, extended stays allows you to spend less on multiple airline tickets throughout the year and experience cultural sites and landmarks without feeling rushed. Overall, you’ll gain more profound, meaningful experiences by opting for a one-and-done vacation rather than breaking up your PTO into short weekend trips.

You’re looking to gain a deeper understanding of foreign cultures

Long-term vacations allow travelers to immerse themselves in local culture and traditions. Merely reading about or studying different cultures is not enough to fully appreciate and experience foreign customs. Come face-to-face with rich, diverse people and awe-inspiring landmarks for a deeper understanding and appreciation of different cultures. After all, immersive travel experiences often bring life-changing encounters.

You want to ditch your maximalist tendencies

Although a typical American fantasy revolves around luxury and extreme consumerism, you may find yourself searching for a deeper, more altruistic meaning of life. Ditch maximalist tendencies by embarking on an extended journey to practice life as a minimalist. There’s only so much you can squeeze into a portable suitcase. Minimalize carry-ons to maximize space and resources by identifying necessities versus bulky, unnecessary items.

You want to experience your final destination from a uniquely anthropological perspective

Long holidays offer travelers a unique first-hand look at magnificent, one-of-a-kind foreign landmarks. Historical, anthropological sites—like Rome’s Colosseum and Greece’s Parthenon—are best experienced first-hand. Extend your stay to avoid rushing from destination to destination, potentially tarnishing what could be life-changing adventures. Take your sweet time as you take snapshots, discover unknown histories, and deepen your understanding of the world around you.

Wrap up

Do away with underwhelming, overstimulating, short-lived vacations, and treat yourself to an extended stay of a lifetime. Once you experience the wonder of long-term cultural immersion, you’ll never go back.