Top Hacks for Long-Term Travel

If you’re filled with wanderlust, then the idea of long-term exploring can be highly appealing to you compared to the restraints of a one – or two- week break. There are many things to consider if you’re looking to spread your travel plans out as long as possible, whether it’s a long duration in one location or plans to move around to many different locations in true nomadic fashion.

If you’re looking for tips and hacks, here are the best points to consider when thinking about long-term travel.

Save as Much as Possible

One area of concern that can arise with long-term travel plans is funding. It might be simply ensuring that you have enough saved for all the traveling you’d like to do, or maybe you’re considering leaving your job in order to travel long-term and will be without a set source of income. This is why saving as much as possible as a safety net can really help your travel plans, both financially and for peace of mind.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to start saving as soon as possible when you’re planning for future travel — the more, the better.

Shed as Many Commitments as Possible

Long-term travel is a lot easier when you feel as though you have complete freedom. This can be a long harder if you have a lot of commitments back home, especially financial ones. It’s a good idea to eliminate as many as possible before you begin to travel. This could be:

  • Giving notice on your rental property or renting out a property you own while you’re not using it
  • Selling your vehicle if you won’t be needing it for travel
  • Paying off any debts so you have financial freedom and responsibility
  • Leaving a job (if you can comfortably do so) so you can either work while traveling or travel without working

Why Not Consider a Holiday Home?

You may love the idea of staying in one beloved location for weeks, or maybe even months, on end, but you’re hit with the restrictions of accommodation availability or the maximum length of time you can book your stay. Considering a holiday home allows you complete freedom and takes away the worry of all that.

Investing in a holiday home, like those shown with awayresorts.co.uk, is perfect for those wanting unlimited leisure time in a place of their choosing, whenever they need it. It means you can spend long trips to your favorite destinations, knowing that your accommodation and time spent there is all sorted.

Take Care of Your Health

A lot of things can happen to your health, no matter whether your trip is a day-long or a year-long. The proper travel insurance is a must for any long-term travel, and you also need to make sure you take care of your health and fitness to make sure you’re always feeling your best. Long term travel can easily take its toll, mentally and physically, if you’re not taking the right steps.

Long-Term Travel Hacks: Summary

  • Save as much as possible and ensure financial stability
  • Look after your health
  • Reevaluate your commitments
  • Look for better investment opportunities in where to stay and travel to
  • Have fun!


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