Portable Solar Phone Chargers: Why You Need Them on Your Next Camping Trip

There is nothing like setting out on a camping trip for the first time. Perhaps you are camping on your own or maybe you are with family and friends. Either way, being prepared and ready for the unexpected is part of the excitement of the unknown as you venture off into the wilderness to seek out your campsite. So, what are the most important things you need while you are on your camping adventure? The ability to access your cell phone in case of an emergency is critical. 

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You may find yourself wondering how it is possible to keep a cell phone charged for a few days in the middle of the woods without electricity. A portable solar phone charger will do the trick! This article will uncover some of the benefits to owning a portable solar phone charger and why you need one on your next camping trip!

Power Up!

Not all portable solar phone chargers are created equal which is why it is important to conduct ample research before purchasing based on price alone. The top portable solar chargers are reviewed in this article by Ecotality. Understanding the features and benefits to each type of portable solar phone charger will come in handy when you are trying to decipher between the amount of solar power needed to charge your phone and the amount of time required. Keeping these factors in mind while you shop for the best solar-powered phone charger is a winning strategy that will pay off in the long run.

Safety is Critical 

While safety is of the essence when it comes to camping, so is having the ability to communicate with family, friends, or the authorities should you find yourself in danger or in need of assistance. When your phone is fully charged, you can rest assured and enjoy knowing that you can call for help should the need arise. 


A solar phone charger is convenient and will come in handy when you least expect it. The solar phone charger will collect the energy from the sun, store it, and then re-distribute it for use within a cell phone or other compatible device. You will no longer need to stress about finding a campsite with Wi-Fi or pay phones as you will be able to generate your own power by way of sunlight. You may find that the solar powered phone charger works so well that you will be shopping for other solar products to enhance your or camping experience. 


There are many reasons that you need to invest in a portable solar phone charger. Convenience, safety, and the ability to communicate with others in a time of need are all privileges that should not be taken for granted. When you invest in a portable solar phone charger, you can enjoy the experience without having to worry about anything going wrong. The portable solar phone charger allows your phone to remain charged, keeping you connected to loved ones and others who can help you in a time of need.


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