6 Amazing Solar Powered Gadgets For Your Next Vacation

Solar-powered environmentally friendly machines have been popular for decades now because they count towards creating a sustainable future and reducing dependence on damaging and toxic fossil fuels. New technology has produced all manner of useful gadgets (ones that are specifically wonderful and handy for traveling, camping, and even everyday life) that run entirely on solar power. Here are five amazing solar-powered gadgets you can use while traveling during your next vacation that will make your life a little easier. 
Traveler with Backpack

  1. Charge It Up

Running out of batteries is the bane of everyone’s existence. Whether it is your laptop, phone, camera, or any other device, one always runs out of battery when on the go, not to mention the situation is quite a bit worse when you’re traveling as you may not have access to a charging port at all. You can purchase a power bank but depending on its storage capacity or the number of people sharing it, that can run out of juice too. Invest in a solar-powered charger and keep flying as you can use it for your phone, tablet, and any device that needs to power up. Not to mention it will charge automatically saving you a headache and letting you enjoy your vacation stress-free. 

  1. Light The Way

When you’re traveling you can never go wrong with a solar power gadget like a flashlight, floodlight, or lantern. These solar devices are particularly great for camping, hiking, and anything to do with the rough outdoors. However, even if you’re driving somewhere or flying somewhere a solar flashlight (they come in various pocket-friendly sizes) is always a good thing to have with you just in case. You never know when you might need one. 

  1. Solar Power Luggage

Who’d have thought you could have solar-powered luggage? Solar-powered duffle bags and backpacks can charge all your electronics while you are traveling and recharge themselves too. They are the best option for your next great outdoorsy vacation and will definitely come in handy when or if you are in a foreign country or airport and can’t be bothered to find a power outlet. 

  1. Solar Power Charger For Car Batteries

In movies, there is oftentimes an occurrence of a dead car battery that has horrible consequences for travelers. If you are planning a long road trip, a hiking trip, or any really long car ride you would do well to invest and pack a solar-powered car battery charger. It might come in handy more than you know. A dead car battery can have all manner of implications such as robbery, medical emergency, or any other untoward incident. Having a solar car battery charger at hand means you can charge and recharge relentlessly without ever suffering a car breakdown. 

  1. A Hat For Rainy Days 

A solar power hat is both going to keep your face out of the sun but will also charge your vital electronic gadgets on top of it. This hat absorbs the rays of the sun all day and then converts into a charger whenever you need it to. If you’re looking to be out sightseeing for the whole day and getting as much as possible out of your vacation, this incredible gadget could really save the day more than once. Just connect your phone to the hat and you’re good to go!

  1. A Speaker For Some Vacation Music

Whether you’re on a fun long road trip or simply camping you could definitely use a solar-powered speaker for your favorite music. The fact that it endlessly recharges means you can use it day and night and it will rarely run out. It also doesn’t need to be plugged in to work which adds to its appeal. It is also a brilliant gift option for the music enthusiast who loves to travel.

The travel speaker means you can play your favorite music regardless of which hotel, motel, or bed and breakfast you’re staying at while you’re traveling. Many people listen to binaural tunes, meditation, and affirmations recordings as part of their daily routine and a solar speaker is a great way to continue with that while you are traveling. 


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