The most beautiful landscapes in Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a popular holiday destination for its year-round warm climate, volcanic ecology, and plentiful holiday resorts. Island holiday villas are strong evidence of how affordable luxury accommodation is in Gran Canaria, but it’s also worth pointing out that most of the activities in Gran Canaria are free. This is because the landscape is so stunning that you will want to spend a lot of your time walking, exploring, and taking pictures.

Here are some of the most beautiful landscapes in Gran Canaria:

Roque Nublo

If you want to see the entirety of Gran Canaria, Roque Nublo is the third highest point on the island, being around 1,813 meters above sea level. If you see it on a map, it’s no surprise that it’s in the middle of the island – this is because of the volcanic origins, and making the mountains generally form towards the middle.

Roque Nublo itself is a stunning volcanic rock formation that is 67 meters tall. It almost appears man-made in how it’s standing upwards in isolation, but it’s not even the only one – nearby is also La Rana and Roque del Fraile, other volcanic rock formations.

Tejeda Town

Tejeda is one of the most stunning towns Spain has to offer. The whitewashed village sits very high above sea level on the same cluster of mountains that Roque Nublo was one. The town has a population of under 2,000, making it feel very small and isolated – but definitely large enough for a great day out.

Besides the town itself, hiking around Roque Nublo has some of the best views on the island. For this reason, there are plenty of different hiking trails to help walk the mountains, and some stunning picture opportunities too.

Dunes of Maspalomas

Being a volcanic island off the coast of Africa, the island inevitably has some incredible beach scenery. The Dunes of Maspalomas is a nature reserve with many naturally formed dunes. This can almost feel otherworldly at times as you get lost in the sand waves, but it’s something everyone must see when on the island. These are not only some of the most picturesque beaches in Gran Canaria, but landscapes.

Caldera de Bandama

Caldera de Bandama is a beautiful mountainous landscape that isn’t in the center of the island, it’s actually right near the northeast coast (i.e. near Las Palmas). This protected crater is 574 meters high and 1,000 meters wide – and it was formed five thousand years ago. The massive eruption was long enough ago for nature to find its way back to it, with it now being covered in greenery and making it look like something out of a movie.

Las Palmas

Of course, there is endless scenery to hike around, but some days will be spent in the town. Las Palmas itself has many great sites, such as the Cathedral of the Canary Islands, and several other historic buildings. This is also the hub of nightlife, tours, and has its own tourist beaches with lots of amenities.


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