Best places to live in Spain

Many people dream of being able to retire, have a good pension and, why not, start a new life in a different place. Whether it is because you want to get away from all the pressures that have been putting you under pressure at work or because you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy this new stage, Spain is one of the favourite destinations for foreigners. It is true that it is one of the favourite countries to travel to during the holiday season, but why not stay there for a little longer?

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Spain attracts foreigners for a variety of reasons, the vast majority are British due to its proximity, but it is true that the country is well known and popular all over the world. The gastronomy, the Mediterranean climate and the rich culture make the country a perfect combination that offers a life in the mountains as well as on the beach. Cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia are the favourite destinations for the more cosmopolitan, but there are also quieter places, villages and small communities where calm and low population density are key elements if you are looking for peace and quiet.

Mallorca Spain

Therefore, the best places to retire in Spain considering the cost of living, safety, healthcare, visas and pensions are, for example, Malaga (Andalucía) a city located on the Costa del Sol, rich in history as one of the oldest cities in Europe, with beautiful beaches, perfect weather, annual fiestas and lively art and culture festivals. This is a result of its Andalusian culture which attracts many visitors from all over the world and from all over Spain too.

However, if you prefer a place with more life both in summer and in all seasons, Marbella is a great option for people who want to retire. It is a glamorous place and has got beautiful sceneries such as 26 km of Mediterranean coast, top notch golf courses, and it is overlooked by Sierra Mountain.

Another famous place to live and to retire after a hard-working life is Mallorca Island, one of the best places to retire in Spain. The fact that it is an island makes it suitable for retirees and it is far from the bustling style of the big cities. It has got beautiful scenery, amazing nightlife, excellent shopping centres, a gastronomy that is known and highly valued all over the world and sandy beaches. If you are looking for a peaceful environment and a perfect climate to relax and enjoy that retirement benefit then Mallorca has got you covered. You will find more information about these amazing places to live in My Spain Visa, don’t hesitate to visit its web page and/or send you requires.




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