6 Things to Invest in As a New Horse Rider

Outdoor adventure travellers are always keen to try something new, and trail rides on horseback are no exception. When it comes to adventuring and adventure sports, equipment is an extremely important factor. If you want to get started with horseback riding, there are a few crucial things you’ll need to get started – here are some of the most important.
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Safety first – this is probably the single most important piece of equipment you can invest in, especially as a beginner rider. A good quality riding helmet will protect your noggin in the event that you have a fall. Ensuring that you’re always wearing your helmet will lessen (or completely prevent) any potential damage to your head and brain.


Next on your list should be good and comfortable riding boots. These offer protection for your toes and your legs and also help you to achieve grip when your foot is in the stirrups, so you don’t slide around during your ride.

Investing in a long-lasting, good quality boot will ensure not only your protection but the longevity of your equipment. You’ll want to get the best use of all your equipment, so it’s not always a good idea to go for the cheapest option on the market – try to get the best you can afford.


Yet another piece of equipment that will help protect your legs. These are especially important if you have shorter, ankle-boots rather than longer ones since your calves will be more exposed and prone to chafing and scratches and scrapes when you’re trail riding. You’ll definitely be grateful for that layer of protection.

Riding Gloves

These are great for grip and protecting your hands. A tight grip on the reigns can often lead to blisters and calluses which can cause discomfort and even permanently damage your hands which many people don’t want.

While your hands may feel hot and sweaty in the summertime, using your riding gloves consistently will help you to have a better grip on the reigns and thus better control, and also protect your hands.

Other Equipment

Now that we’ve covered your equipment, let’s not forget about the horse. There are a few basic items that will be essential for your ride. These include a saddle pad, a saddle, a bridle and reigns. You’ll need to keep in mind the differences in equipment when it comes to English versus Western riding since this will have an impact on what you use and purchase. Do some thorough research and talk to professionals at your stable before you make any decisions.


Yup – the final thing you’ll need to invest in horse riding is your time. While it may seem simple to hop on the back of a horse and go, it’s a sport that requires a whole lot of learning in terms of technique and getting to know your horse. The more time you spend riding, the better your relationship with your horse will be, and the quicker you’ll learn the ropes.


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