8 Most Popular Horse Trailer Dealers in Chicago, Illinois

For ordinary use, there are several different types of trailers. The safety and comfort of your animals depend on you picking the appropriate horse trailers if you need to move horses. You want to be certain that the horse trailer you choose will satisfy your unique demands, keep the horses comfortable, and ensure the safety of your upcoming journey.

In this article, we’ll look at everything you should know before buying a horse trailer, including some of the most important buying advice. Feel free to contact the professionals at a location near you if you ever have any questions about how to choose the best horse trailer.

Estimate the size you will require

Finding the proper size for your needs in a horse trailer is one of the most important considerations. Horse trailers can be built with only enough compartments for one horse to go a short distance or with enough space for five to eight ponies and all of the equipment required for longer journeys.

Here are some important variables to take into account when selecting the appropriate size for your horse trailer. Amount of horses you intend to move at once: If you anticipate needing to carry more than one pony in the future, go for a bigger trailer.

Horses’ sizes

Make sure your horses have enough space to move around and stand up comfortably. For instance, a Shetland pony’s space requirements are very different from a Clydesdale’s.

Equipment categories you want to bring

You might need to bring much more than just your horses while participating in equestrian competitions, trail riding, or other show activities. Make sure the horse trailer you choose has adequate room to transport gear and other supplies.

Choose the right style

You should look at inventory relevant to the type of horse trailer you desire, in addition to selecting horse trailers by size. Typical fashions comprise the following:

Crash Pull

A straightforward, simple-to-use horse trailer is a bumper pull trailer. These trailers are suitable for local transportation because they frequently have tiny sizes. No special equipment is needed to attach the trailer to a pickup truck or SUV bumper hitch.


Because of the weight distribution across a truck’s rear axle, gooseneck trailers have a far greater carrying capacity. These trailers have a neck that connects to a ball hitch located in the bed of the towing vehicle. In addition to having larger room and greater towing capacity, gooseneck trailers also provide better stability in strong winds and on twisting routes. They are therefore a superior option for long-distance travel.


A horse trailer with living quarters offers the utmost luxury on the road for those who intend to stay on the trail or attend equestrian competitions. Above the neck of these trailers is a living area designed like an RV. They might have a basic living area or opulent quarters, based on the style chosen.


A trainer is a fantastic choice if you need to transport a lot of saddles, gear, and equipment. A designated tack area with additional brush bins, halter hooks, mounting racks, and other gear storage facilities is available in these horse trailers.

Differentiate the trailer materials

Your horse trailer could be made of steel, aluminum, or a combination of both materials, depending on the manufacturer.

Heavy-duty steel trailers frequently have wood flooring installed over the body of the trailer. These trailers have the advantages of being low-maintenance, incredibly durable, simple to fix, and typically less expensive upfront. They may be heavy to transport and are prone to rust, necessitating an outside paint job. Trailers made entirely of aluminum are lightweight and rust-free. They are often more expensive up front since they are made entirely of aluminum, and they also cost more to repair than steel.

Combination trailers are strong horse trailers made of both aluminum and steel. The outside of the trailer is often made of aluminum, with steel typically used for the trailer’s framework.

If you are familiar with horses and have one of your own, you must be aware that there are many different types of horses. Additionally, there are several breeds of horses that may be found all over the world. In order to take your horse camping, you must have sturdy horse trailers. More significantly, if you want to take your horses on a long trip, you need to acquire horse trailers with living accommodations.

It is always preferable to get a horse trailer from such a reputable and well-known manufacturer. The horse trailers you buy should live up to all of your expectations. Additionally, the living spaces in these horse trailers must be pleasant enough.

8 of the most popular horse trailer dealers in chicago, Illinois

1. Double D Trailers

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A firm that sticks out is Double D Horse Trailers because of its excellent customer service. They primarily produce and trade in horse trailers with living spaces. Additionally, they provide horse trailers with bumper pull and gooseneck configurations. Horse owners gain a number of benefits when they use Double D Trailers. –

Keeping the fiber composite safe bump roof system from leaking is important

  • The technology used in Galvilite Skin Z-frame
  • Flexibility when it comes to fresh improvements
  • Options for different orientations
  • Backup safety divider
  • Cabinets covered with vinyl

Depending on the model you choose to buy, some characteristics could change. However, every model has a special feature that sets this brand apart from the competition. The main factor contributing to its appeal among horse breeders is the larger size and increased living area of these horse trailers. The living quarters may thus be accommodated by the larger size. The Safetack Reverse LQ model is the upgraded living quarters model from the TrailBlazer which is one of the most well-liked and desired types produced by Double D Trailers (Since 1997).

2. A & W Trailer

The dependable horse trailers made by A & W Trailer promise to transport the horses safely to the campsite of your choice. Their all-aluminum construction ensures durability as well as a safe and comfortable ride during the whole voyage. These horse trailers also have a unique riveting technique. Because the skin of the trailer’s roof is not completely penetrated, the likelihood of water penetration is decreased.

Several years have passed since the founding of this business. Consequently, a substantial part of the horse trailers produced by A & W Trailer comes with 10-year fundamental warranties.

The business also provides you with a 3-year limited hitch. For a number of A & W Trailer‘s new products, this guarantee is offered.

You can look over each of the available alternatives. A & W Trailer offers customized interiors for many types of trailers, including gooseneck, bumper-pulled, and horse trailers with living quarters.

A crucial configuration cannot be forgotten among all the various variations of horse trailers that A & W Trailer offers. These equine trailers have been and successfully completed government safety inspections. They are absolutely safe to use and have shown encouraging outcomes.

3. Refix Trailers

The Refix Trailers Company is one of numerous horse trailer manufacturers that people hold in high esteem. This company’s main slogan is “reputation, innovation, and continuous progress.” Customers and the market have given Refix Trailers favorable evaluations. They have a solid reputation because of their robust construction.

Horse trailers with aluminum construction and design. It lessens the horse trailer’s total weight. When it is connected to a living space, it is much more important.

Aluminum is used in horse trailers to ensure that they do not eventually become lightweight or undergo severe strain. These horse trailers combine toughness, security, and good looks. Additionally, consumers have a lot of options when it comes to Refix Trailers. For instance, 2 to 8 horses can be transported at once using bumper-pulled or gooseneck trailers. Trusting Refix Trailers is a good idea because they provide reliable services and goods.

4. MIDWAY Trailer Sales & Service

The goal of the horse trailer manufacturer MIDWAY Trailer Sales & Service is to create AI-based solutions for trailer systems that would make hauling horses easier. It has smart style, clean lines, and reliable world-class trailers at all price ranges.

The horse trailers’ inside drains are no longer necessary. The floor is composed of SureGrip instead. It offers a floor made of rubber. SureGrip is a very resilient elastic floor that eliminates the need to drain gaps in the floor by self-depleting. 

4. R.A. Adams Enterprises, Inc.

The headquarters of R.A. Adams Enterprises, Inc. is in Illinois. This particular firm has been around for several years and has a solid reputation. The company has established a solid reputation in the horse trailer market over the past years. The firm only manufactures aluminum-framed horse trailers. Furthermore, if there are any problems with the horse trailers, you may obtain offers, warranties, and outstanding customer service.

Horse owners have two grades of horse trailers from R.A. Adams Enterprises, Inc. to select from. 

5. Big Tex Trailer World – Homer Glen

The firm Big Tex Trailer World – Homer Glenis is regarded as the leading manufacturer of horse trailers made of steel and aluminum. They have been in service for several years. They have their headquarters in Homer Glen, Illinois and are renowned for providing consistently top-notch service. They produce hauliers for vehicles, utility trailers, horse trailers, and so on.

Horse trailers made by Big Tex Trailer World – Homer Glenis are accessible and come in many configurations. With these trailers, one to twelve horses may be transported. They specialize in horse trailers with a gooseneck or bumper pull. People may choose from a variety of options, including horse trailers with housing arrangements, gear storage, changing rooms, etc.

5. Fleet Equipment Center Inc

In the year 2018, The Fleet Equipment Center Inc was established. The owner is from Chicago. In essence, they updated the horse trailer with the intention of focusing on the requirements of both the horse owner and the animals. 

You’ll notice a lot of creative layout features, like effective corral and roughage growth. Equine watering frameworks were upgraded using inventive programming. These horse trailers also come with properly updated and enhanced hydraulic frameworks.

Two or three horse gooseneck and bumper-drawn variants are available for Fleet Equipment Center Inc. You may receive all the essentials for your horses, as well as interior designs that are meticulously customized. For particular needs, USB ports, LED lights, hat racks, as well as mirrors are available.

6. Master Truck & Trailer, LLC

By hiring Master Truck & Trailer, LLC, you may choose from a large selection of high-quality gooseneck, living quarters, and bumper pull trailers.

Master Truck & Trailer, LLC is viewed by many as a “product made by American Horse People for the American Horse Population.” Concern for the horses’ safety and comfort is a top priority while making horse trailers. They also provide a rather large rear tack. These horse trailers also include larger windows, which improves ventilation. For the lengthy voyage ahead, you also receive a sliding mid-tack coupled with creative wellness highlights.

Final words

Owning a horse is definitely advantageous, and those who do are blessed! Horses are such valuable animals. They are remarkable since you can travel or go on vacation with them, in particular.

This does not excuse you from exercising extra caution and preparation, though. The next step after purchasing horses is to have a horse trailer.

It is preferable to obtain living accommodations linked to them if you wish to go hiking or on an exciting journey. Therefore, you are as relaxed as your horse if you want to extend the journey! Make certain you have properly evaluated all the factors before making the decision for your horse.

If it’s not too much difficulty, keep in mind that your comfort and the comfort of your horse must come first. So be wise the next time you camp with your horse. It is wiser to conduct your own analysis before making a purchase. As a result, you shouldn’t go unprepared and cause difficulty for your friend and yourself.


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