6 Most Stunning Caribbean Islands to Visit

The Caribbean region of the Americas is home to 13 sovereign states and over 700 small cays, reefs and dependent islands. The region attracts thousands of tourists every year, famous for its paradise-like beauty and extremely diverse landscapes. Each Caribbean country, whether land-locked or an island, is different and has something unique to offer. If you are planning to visit one of the lush Caribbean islands and struggling to choose one, here are our 6 favourites.

Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic shares the west side of its island with its neighbour Haiti and is incredibly popular among tourists looking for a quiet and sunny beach getaway. However, this beautiful island is known for much more than just Iberostar’s Dominican Republic all inclusive resorts – it has some of the most unique heritage sites and places of historic significance.

The Dominican Republic is not only the first landing point of Christopher Columbus in 1492 but also is home to the very first capital city, hospital, university and Catholic cathedral in the Americas. Besides its rich history, the country is filled with diverse nature sites, rainforests, savannah, highlands, the tallest mountain in the Caribbean and even precious stones that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.

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Being the birthplace of reggae and jerk, Jamaica is an island that stands out for its culture and history, welcoming thousands of visitors into the Bob Marley Museum every year. The country also attracts food tourists due to its mouthwatering cuisine, filled with aromatic, spicy and unusually flavoured dishes. Jamaica is also the place to be if you are looking to socialise and have a good time – the locals here are incredibly friendly, welcoming and definitely know how to party.

Once you escape into nature, however, Jamaica has an amazingly tranquil and peaceful side to it with breathtaking landscapes and the most beautiful beaches you ever did see. The island boasts over 50 public beaches, ranging from black sand, white sand and even rocky beaches, crystal-clear waters and breathtaking views.


The island of Cuba is truly one-of-a-kind type of place to visit, famous for its vibrant and charming culture, lush beaches and a rich history. The country takes influence from Spain and Africa, forming its own unique essence and culture. Cuba is proudly home to dozens of “World’s Best’s”, including the best rum, best cigars and best dancing moves, including rumba, cha-cha-cha and mambo.

The capital of Cuba, Havana, is a must visit in the island for its colourful architecture, delicious foods, stunning sights, fun festivals and an electric nightlife. The classic American cars that you can see in the roads of Havana take you back in time and contribute greatly to the charm of this beautiful city. When in Cuba, visit the local museums, galleries and musical shows to learn more about its curious colonial history.

St Lucia

Home to a huge variety of paradise-like beaches, mountains and hot springs, St Lucia is often referred to as the perfect island for both romance seekers and adventurers. The island is absolutely filled with amazing nature watching opportunities, such as drive-in volcanos, powerful waterfalls and hiking trails in the miraculous Piton Mountains. It is also perfect for watersports lovers, with plenty of snorkelling, diving, sailing and surfing activities available.

However, if being active is not your cup of tea, Cuba is just as perfect as a relaxing beach vacation destination. The charming and romantic vibe of the island is lurking all around, complimented perfectly by the stunning views of the turquoise blue waters and the mountain peaks in the background. There are also plenty of quirky restaurants, resorts and cafes to visit and try some exotic seafood and wines.


Aruba is known to be a brilliant destination for friends and families, who are looking for the best Caribbean beaches and a super relaxed vibe. The perfectly see-through sea and soft powder-like white sand is combined with the most welcoming local people, mouth-watering cuisine and a range of sightseeing opportunities. Often called the Happy Island, Aruba is truly a heavenly place to escape everyday worries and have the most relaxing holiday of a lifetime.

Additionally, Aruba has an incredibly diverse nature and wildlife to explore while you’re there. The island’s Arikok National Park offers an adventurous day out, with unique heritage sites, dramatic rock formations, Indian rock drawings, secluded bays and river beds. The island is also home to exotic lizards, sea turtles, monkeys, camels and much more diverse wildlife for animal lovers.


Barbados is one of the smallest islands in the Caribbean but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most visited. The tiny tropical island is absolutely stunning, with heavenly pink sand beaches, quirky architecture and exotic corals. Barbados has lots of unique natural wonders, such as its infamous Crystal Room in Harrison’s Cave with lakes, waterfalls, streams, stalagmites and stalactites.

When in Barbados, immerse yourself into the tropical flora and fauna of the island, enjoy a wide range of water sports and other activities, explore the mind-blowing nature sites and soak up the sun in one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.


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