Places to Visit Near Kochi for a Short Monsoon Vacation

The monsoons of India are famous for providing parts of this extraordinary subcontinent with lush and vibrant plant life. But having consistent rainfall from June to September can be monotonous. So when it comes to taking a short monsoon vacation, places like Kochi are an excellent choice. 

However, not everyone is looking to spend time in a bigger city. There are tons of places to visit around the Kochi area that will offer stunning views of the Arabian Sea, spectacular temples, breathtaking waterfalls, amazing food, and so much more. 

Our list of the places to visit near Kochi will not only help you plan your short monsoon holiday, but it will also get you excited for your trip! Check out these must see places in India near Kochi to get your vacation planning started right now.

Athirapally Falls

Starting off our list is the absolutely fascinating Athirapally Falls. This gorgeous natural wonder is located about 73 kilometers (about 45 miles) from downtown Kochi. The Athirapally fall formation is the largest waterfall in the state of Kerala.

The falls are formed by the great Chalakudy. The Chalakudy River, which originates in the Anaimalai mountains of the Western Ghats, creates a diverse natural landscape that is a hope to all of the following: 

  • Indian Elephant
  • Bengal Tiger
  • Indian Leopard
  • Gaur
  • Sambar
  • Lion-Tailed Macaque
  • The Great Hornbill
  • Huge Variety of Birdlife
  • And so much more! 

So if you’re looking to hike near these 80-foot-tall falls, surrounded by dense forestry and a wide variety of wildlife, you are in for an unforgettable experience. There are lots of options for local tours, guided hikes, and tourist-friendly paths. You’re also not far from the Vazhachal falls and the Charpa falls if you’re looking for even more beauty during your monsoon holiday.


The area of Kottayam isn’t too far from Kochi and offers incredible hiking paths, stunning landscapes, and a wide variety of cultural landmarks and attractions. A short trip from Kochi (about 62 kilometers or 38.5 miles), Kottayam offers so much!

You can visit the Malliyoor Sree MahaGanapathi Temple, or the Thirunakkara Mahadeva Temple if you would like to learn more about the religious backgrounds of the area. You can spend a few days in nature hiking the Illikkal Kallu or Elaveezhapoonchira. Or even see the stunning Marmala Waterfall.

There is fun for the whole family at the Mango Meadows Agricultural Theme Park, where you can be surrounded by trees and nature, as well as fun rides and fascinating educational experiences. If you fly from Dubai to Kochi, or from London to Kochi, a day trip to Kottayam is a must for your vacation. 


Home to the Guruvayur Temple, this fantastic location is about 92.5 kilometers (57.4 miles) from Kochi. The temple is dedicated to Lord Guruvayurappan (a form of Vishnu) and is an important place of worship for Hindus throughout the Kerala area. 

Not only is there a rich cultural component to Guruvayur, but there is actually an elephant sanctuary nearby. You can visit and see rescued Indian elephants enjoying a life of luxury! At Punnathur Kotta all ages are welcome and it’s a great place for the whole family.


This district is the Pilgrim Capital of Kerala. Located 123.9 kilometers (77 miles) southeast of Kochi, Pathanamthitta is an incredible place to learn more about the Hindu religion and what it means to this region specifically.

The area is also home to the Konni elephant cage, the art form of Padayani, the tranquil stop of Gavi, Kerala boat races, and so much more! If you find yourself in need of a day of nature, art, and religious understanding, then Pathanamthitta is an excellent choice for you! 


Munnar is an area near Kochi that is absolutely glorious. Not only can you see things like the Attukad Waterfalls, or the landmark peak of the Anamundi, but you can also experience the fantastic local Tea Museum! 

Munnar offers a lot of outdoor activities. So whether you want to see the Mattupetty Dam, or spend the day enjoying wildlife at the Eravikulam National Park. 

You can get a hotel at the Dream Catcher Plantation Resort where you can stay in glamorous tree houses. Then spend the day hiking or doing water sports. There is also rock climbing at the Fun Forest Adventure Park, elephant safaris at the Carmelagiri Elephant Park, and you can ride an ATV at the Dreamland Fun & Adventure Park! 

Whatever you decide, there is so much to do in Munnar that it is worth planning a short monsoon vacation here. From riding elephants through the hills of Munnar forest to trekking to the top of the Anamundi, you will never be lost for something to do. 


Just 102 kilometers from Kochi, or 63.4 miles, you will find Vagamon, Kerala, India. With expansive hillsides, waterfalls, lakes, and incredible biodiversity, Vagamon is truly a natural wonder. Here you can hike the grassy hills, enjoy paragliding, mountaineering, and rock climbing, as well as visit the many culturally significant local spots. 

If you love nature and enjoy spending your short monsoon holiday in the wild, then Vagamon is for you. Here are just some of the places you can visit to be one with the outdoors: 

  • Mundakayam Ghat
  • Thangal Hill
  • Vagamon Pine Forest
  • Barren Hills
  • Vagamon Lake
  • Vagamon Falls
  • Uluppuni Meadows
  • Karikadu View Point

There are also tons of local resorts and great spots to rest after a long day outside. Sure you can visit places like Himachal Pradesh, or the Taj Mahal, or Mumbai. But nothing beats the wonder and serenity of Vagamon for a short vacation during monsoon season. 

The Best Places for Your Monsoon Holiday Near Kochi

There is so much to do in the Kerala region near Kochi that it can be overwhelming to start planning. Plan your monsoon vacation with ease by using our list of the best places near Kochi. Relax, enjoy, and see more around the Kochi area today!



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