Horseback Riding Locations in Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park is a very popular location for vacations and family trips. While you are there, you want to make the most of the time you have, and there is so much to do. There are countless ways to experience the park and the areas surrounding it. One of the best ways to see the beauty Yellowstone has to offer is on horseback. Horseback riding in Yellowstone is a great way to see the park at a nice pace and get that old-west feeling. It can become an experience you will remember forever.

2 people riding horses

If you think that horseback riding is not an option for you because you have never ridden a horse before, think again. Inexperienced riders, event those who have never even touched a horse before, can book a horseback riding tour and have a safe, enjoyable experience.

Tips for First-Time Riders

Whether it’s your first time riding or you have been riding a horse for years, there are a few key things you should keep in mind before you start your ride.

The first tip is to breathe and relax. Take comfort in knowing that your tour guides are experienced riders and know what they are doing. They will also give you a safety orientation to riding before you leave. Relaxing before and while you are riding is essential. The horse can feel your tension and stress, it can also feel when you are calm. You staying calm will help the horse do the same.

Keeping a good posture is also important. Your posture makes a difference while you ride. If you keep your head, hips, and feet in line, you will stay more comfortable and be able to take the ride with ease.

Like many activities you do in the outdoors, the right clothing can make the world of a difference. While horseback riding in Yellowstone, long pants and closed shoes are more than encouraged. A long sleeve shirt is almost important, as well as a jacket if the temperatures are cooler. Complete it all on a sunny day with a hat and some sunscreen and you are ready to go.

Where to ride

There are countless places to go horseback riding in Yellowstone and around the park. From Jackson to Montana to Idaho, there are several ranches and outfitters that give excellent tours. Some of the best places to ride are in the forests around the park. Find the right place near where you want to stay and enjoy the ride!


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