6 RV Gadgets Every Full-Time RVers Should Have

Gadgets exist to make life more easy, more safe, and more fun! To make caravanning all the more fulfilling and enjoyable for you, we looked for must-have gadgets that every full-time RVer must have! Having them will make every venture on the road more exciting for all!

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Do take note though that it’s still best to be as low-tech as possible. Having ultra-advanced gadgets requires ultra-advanced care and maintenance and it’s not something that all will be fully okay with. It will also add numerous points of failure that can lead to costly repairs or replacements. The point of this post is to simply highlight gadgets that will make caravanning more fun and fulfilling for you. At the end of the day, it’s still best to stick to the basics!

6 RV Gadgets Every Full-Time RVers Should Have

  1. Road Security

Securing your RV’s safety should always be no. 1. Its level of safety should be equal to the level of protection that your home has. Today’s gadgets now make this very easy and possible. We recommend that you check out the following on your trusted RV electronics supplier to level up your road security:

  1. Gadget for intrusion detection – we highly recommend that you check out SimpliSafe’s intrusion detection system. The system comes with different kinds of sensors that can be placed on different parts of your RV. It has a wireless system so you won’t have a hard time when it comes to installation.
  1. Door monitor – you could also consider having a ring monitor that can alert you when someone is by your door. The alert system is pretty nifty because it remains active even if you’re not there. This means that you could receive alerts of possible intrusion even if you’re far from your RV. Now that is pretty handy!
  1. Internet Access

It’s important to remain connected and online even if you’re on the rod. There are numerous ways to get connected that offer different advantages and disadvantages. To secure a better connection though, it would be ideal if you could purchase a Wi-Fi booster. A Wi-Fi booster like Alfa R36 can pull Wi-Fi signals into your RV. Not only will it pull in Wi-Fi signals, but it can also amplify them. For cellphone signals, you can purchase a cellular hotspot that will allow you to use your phone even if there is a weak cell signal.

  1. Electronic Leveling

Leveling your rig is now way easier with today’s gadgets. With today’s gadgets, you can now easily ensure that all your appliances, doors, and equipment will work properly regardless of your parking location. This is because it’s now easier to level your rig. Before, you would need to slap adhesive bubble levels in order to determine if your RV is leveled. Now though, you can simply use simple gadgets. You can even use your smartphone!

We recommend that you check out LevelMatePro. You simply have to mount it on any vertical surface inside your RV and it will then tell you if your RV is already leveled or not. It will send direct notifications to your smartphone. This gadget is pretty nifty as it can tell you how far out of level your RV is – may it be side to side or front to back. It can precisely show which sides are low by exact degrees.

  1. GPS Units

Today’s GPS Units are pretty advanced. Apart from guiding you with where you’re going, they now also do the following:

  1. Provide exact routes where your RV will fit
  2. Provide exact routes that avoid low bridges
  3. Provide exact routes that avoid roads that are too small
  4. Provide alerts on local laws regarding propane systems – this is pretty handy because you will instantly get notified if you’d enter a state that does not allow your RV’s propane system

We recommend that you check out the Garmin RV 770 – LMTS for this.

  1. Tire Pressure Monitors

Your RV is highly reliant on its tires. It is easily the very thing that takes you from point A to point B and it is the very part of your RV that takes all the brunt of daily wear and tear. This is why it’s best if you could invest in a gadget that will help you with tire maintenance. For this, you can check out gadgets that provide tire pressure monitoring systems or TPMS. Such gadgets will allow you to easily monitor the pressure and temperature of your RV tires in real-time. Knowing such important data can allow you to effectively prevent tire failure.


  1. Batteries

They may not be flashy but they are by far the most highly advanced RV item in the past decade. Now is the best time to upgrade your batteries if you have yet to. Now is also the best time to check out lithium-ion batteries for your RV. Investing in them is beneficial as they give you more power for longer periods. The good thing with lithium-ion batteries is that apart from the fact that they last long, they also require no extra maintenance whatsoever. They are also lighter, safer, and more energy efficient. They weigh 50% lighter than regular batteries. All also have built-in safety features for the avoidance of overheating. We recommend that you check out 100AH 12V batteries. Ones of such kind have the following features:

  • reliable
  • charges quickly
  • environment-friendly
  • user-friendly
  • long-lasting


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