4 Great Exercise Travel Options

The face of travel and vacationing is changing, thanks to the new wave of health consciousness that has been sweeping throughout the globe. Today, there’s no need to give up exercise when you travel, thanks to options like fitstays. Here are four great exercise options for you to consider when you plan your travel itinerary. 

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As mentioned before, there is a growing trend towards fitness vacations. These are vacation packages with fitness and wellness as the core elements. A number of vacation resorts with fitness themes are emerging in tourist spots around the world. When you check into a fitstay resort, you can expect your days to be occupied by regular routine exercise activities. The meals provided will be healthy as well, limiting your intake to acceptable daily calorie figures. In addition to fitness fanatics, people who have fitness goals (such as targeted weight loss or health improvement plans) tend to go for these vacations.  Of course, the effect of this vacation will depend on how long you stay and how well you adhere to their program.

Incorporating Exercise in Your Traditional Vacation

If you’re not ready for the intensity of a fitstay as yet, you could warm up to it by ensuring that you take advantage of the fitness facilities offered by your regular vacation resort. Most modern resorts have a gym that you can use while on the property. Additionally, some offer group workout sessions and yoga classes. Unfortunately, when it comes to diet, you’ll have to rely on your own willpower to avoid unhealthy foods since these resorts don’t target fitness travelers exclusively.

Activity-Based Travel

Then there’s the option of simply customizing your own traveling plans to ensure that fitness activities are included. Hiking, rock climbing, and cycling adventures are great for this as they allow you to exercise while traveling and enjoying the beauty of the environment.  The fact that they are relatively inexpensive is, of course, a plus. Swimming, another great fitness activity, can be incorporated if you hike or cycle to a water body (such as a lake or river).many nature-based or minimalist vacations fit the bill perfectly.

Traveling with your own exercise Equipment

Don’t worry, you this does not mean you’ll be lugging a treadmill or Bowflex machine with you like your board your flight. There are some exercise tools that are small and lightweight enough to fit into your luggage without causing problems.  If you are unable to fit small exercise equipment into your luggage don’t worry. There are several exercises you can do without equipment. These include planks, push-ups, squats and sit-ups. If you’re at a beachfront resort a morning or evening run next to the shoreline can be particularly thrilling.

Thanks to modern vacationers who demand it and tourist and travel industry players who strive to meet those demands, there are many ways to incorporate exercise into your vacation. Like many other vacationers around the world who have hopped on to the trend, you can return from your trip rejuvenated but also healthier.


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