How to Prepare for a Wine Tour

Whether you’re on vacation partaking in fun activities or you simply want to spend a day out with friends trying something new, a wine tour might be a great option for you. Wine tours are an ideal option for those who like to taste new beverages and spend a day enjoying the company of their nearest and dearest. However, before you make your booking and set off, put time and effort into preparation. You might see the value in doing some of the following things:     

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Dress for the Occasion

When you make a booking for Hunter Valley wine tours, you’re likely thinking about all the delicious food and beverages you’ll be able to try. However, it’s also worth thinking about what you’ll wear and the logistics of your entire outfit. 

For example, you might like to tie your hair back so that it doesn’t get in the way of your food and drinks and avoid wearing dangling sleeves to prevent spills. It might also be worth checking the weather forecast to ensure you won’t get too hot or cold in your garments of choice. 

Avoid Wearing Fragrances

Strong odors can upset the tasting experience. It’s not always easy to appreciate the aromas of whichever beverage you try when you can smell perfume or cologne. While wearing deodorant is fine and a must-have on your travel packing list, keep strong colognes and perfumes to a minimum so everyone can enjoy a memorable tasting experience without trying to block outside odors. 

Don’t Forget to Eat

While you’ll only be tasting small nips of each beverage on offer, those small nips can add up. If you go on a wine tour with an empty stomach, there’s potential for you to begin feeling light-headed, drunk, and potentially unwell. 

Most wine tours are organized with a combination of food and beverages, so don’t be afraid to nibble while you explore the offerings. You might also see the benefits of consuming a full meal before your wine tour begins. 

Remember to Spit

While a significant part of a wine tour is trying new beverages like wine, craft beer, and spirits, you don’t need to swallow everything you try. In fact, many wine tour businesses offer spit buckets so that you can get the full taste experience without the effects of mixing copious amounts of alcohol. It might seem unglamorous to spit out beverages you try, but doing so might mean you feel fresh and well at the end of your tasting experience. 

Have a Travel Plan

Wine tours are a fun way to pass the time when you’re on vacation or taking a long weekend break. However, transport can be an essential consideration after making your booking. While some wine tour businesses offer transport, not all do. Arrange possible transport options in advance to avoid being stranded at the conclusion of the tour.  

Preparing for a wine tour while on vacation can be as simple as making a booking and turning up. However, if you want to have an experience that’s memorable for all the right reasons, take note of the top wine tour tips above.


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