The Essential Guide to Wine Tours

Wine tasting is a pleasurable event that is great for cloudy days. It has the perfect blend of outdoor and indoor vibes to make it an activity many would enjoy. Whether you’re tasting red wine or other Italian wines, you can be sure to have a wonderful time. Here are some of the things you must do when preparing for a wine tour. 
toasting glases on wine tour


Anything worth doing well is worth all the planning in the world. Wine tours require proper planning if you hope to have enjoyed yourself when the event is over. It would be best if you never went wine tasting on an empty stomach. Ensure you have a decent meal before arriving. You should also avoid foods that can change the way the wine tastes. Some of the foods to avoid include cheese, olives, biscuits, and salami. Alcohol can dehydrate you. Hence, you should carry a bottle of water to replenish your body. Where possible, you should ensure that you have a map of the vineyard so you do not get lost while tasting. 


When tasting wine, always ensure that you’re familiar with the types of wine you enjoy. For example, if you prefer red wines over white wines, it may be beneficial to taste only those types. Unlike packing for a wine picnic, going to a wine tasting event will expose you to many different flavors. Wines like the Chateau Petrus are great choices if you want to introduce your buds to newer tastes gently. Also, remember that moderation is key, and you should pace yourself while tasting wines so that you do not overwork your taste buds. 


Knowing what to do and when to do it can be quite invaluable when you’re out on a wine tasting trip. Every wine tasting event has an itinerary that helps guests to keep track of events as they happen. Reading and understanding the itinerary will help you know the best way to navigate the event for maximum enjoyment. 

Take notes

Taking notes and documenting your wine tasting tour is an excellent way to keep track of the wines you love and those leaving you with second thoughts and guesses. Taking notes will help you discover more about the vineyard, and asking questions will help you get more details about the wines you love. Wine tasting is a terrific pastime that is best enjoyed with an immersive experience. Taking notes helps with this experience. 

Dress Code

You should avoid wearing white or brightly colored clothes in case there is any spillage. You should also wear free clothes that allow lots of air to reach your body as there could be a crowd at the event. It is also important that you avoid strong-smelling items such as peeves, aftershaves, and strong deodorants. These conflicting aromas could hinder the wine tasting experience and cause you to have a distorted experience. Finally, the correct dress code is necessary because wearing the wrong thing could easily lead to a bad experience. There are no hard and fast rules about dressing, but these tips should be obeyed where possible. 


Wine tasting is a great activity that can create memories that last a lifetime. Scheduling helps you plan your tour properly, while planning will enable you to maximize the schedule you have. If you plan on embarking on a wine tasting tour soon, this is a decent guide that will help you excel even if it is your first time.


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