7 Useful Traveling Tips To Keep When Touring A Winery Destination

Spain is one of the countries in the world which is known to produce a large variety of wines. It draws so much inspiration from Bordeaux in France, which is the world’s heritage for notable wine labels. Spain does not only produce a few wine brands. They explore so much since they get established to make their names widely known in the winery market.

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Most of the wine labels they produced are red wines. The land area of Spain winery is located in the Iberian Peninsula, which holds a total area of 2.9 million acres. It is also the main reason why Spain winery is known as the world’s largest wine-producing countries when it comes to space. Famous red wines produced in Spain include Tempranillo, Monastrell, Priorates wines, Albariño, and Airen.

Spain ultimately holds an excellent scenic spot of winery plantation. It is why the country is also known to attract a lot of tourists to experience a purple-painted vineyard that leaves every visitor in awe. Traveling to winery destinations such as Spain can bring you a lot of delighting experience. For beginners, it is essential to consider several factors before you head on to any vineyard tourist destinations. In this article, let us give you some tips on how to make a perfect wanderlust in wine touring experience.

Always Start With A Guidebook 

It is imperative to all of us that we rely on stock knowledge and learnings when we go touring. If we find a particular destination to travel and heard that it offers a good experience, then we immediately book for a tour. Take note that even if you are a beginner or not, heading for a wine tour and getting a perfect experience is critical. Counting to every guidebook you can find with regards to the destination you want to travel will help you gain more knowledge about it.

Don’t Hesitate To Ask Around 

It’s a must that you should not look an obvious tourist if you go to a particular place like winery region to avoid being fooled by the locales. On the other hand, you should also not pretend that you know everything, especially if it’s your first time making a wine tour like Spanish vineyards.

The best thing you can do to make sure that you get the best out of your travel is by asking people around. Find some suggestions like the best vineyard attraction you can visit and the activities you can do in the said place.

Look For “Caveau des Vignerons.” 

It is popularly known as a group of people that helps in selling, vinifying, and promoting local wine brands within the area; they are assigned. If you find yourself touring and traveling in Spanish vineyard, you can look for this particular group. They can surely provide you with an excellent wine tasting experience like no other.  The Caveau des Vignerons is a one-stop-shop you can find when touring a winery region.

Dine-In And Out  

Spending a lot of time in seeing how are grape varieties planted and arranged is one of the best ways to appreciate a wine tour experience. On the other hand, you can also extend an optimum traveling experience by dining in and out to local restaurants you can find. It’s a perfect way of fulfilling your palate when it comes to local food and wine that the winery region in serving.

Winery vineyards in Spain have a lot of restaurants surrounding nearby the plantation. They serve local dishes and fresh wine flavors that you can taste. It showcases their local culture and something you can keep for the rest of your wine traveling experience.

Call Them Ahead  

Each vineyard you can find welcomes every visitor that wants to take a tour inside their plantation. If you are one of those tourists who wanted to observe and look at how are wines crafted, you can call the vineyard ahead for a reservation. It is your best way of knowing what’s the best time to tour, the perfect timing for a tasting experience, and most especially getting that schedule for picture-perfect memory to take.

Give Yourself Enough Time 

Traveling and touring vineyards requires you to spend a lot of time. Especially for Spanish vineyards that comes in vast areas, you need to secure a massive amount of time to do everything you want during your tour. Don’t rush everything. It will decrease your ability to enjoy every single area you want to visit. Taking everything easy helps you in keeping every memory you want to follow during your touring experience.

Buy A Bottle As A Souvenir  

One best tip to keep when you tour a vineyard is to buy a bottle of wine that will serve as your souvenir. Make sure to bring a good wine bag to transport your wine bottles home.  If you travel around Spanish vineyards, don’t forget to purchase a bottle of Tempranillo and Priorat wines since they are the best manufacturers for these labels.

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