How to Master Finding A Cheap Flight? 

There are dozens of tips on how to find cheap flights (airfare) but they are not always accurate. If your long-awaited vacation plans revolve around finding the lowest flights prices, here are a few ways you can save money when booking air travel.

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1. Flexible Travel Dates 

People often try to estimate days of the week and times that fares are the lowest. The truth is, there is no perfect day. Sometimes it is on Monday following Labor Day, or the day after Easter weekend.

Travel fares fluctuate with the market and prices go down when there is a surplus of available seats on a plane. The best way to get the best price is to be flexible on your travel dates and check the sites frequently.

2. Be Willing to Go With a Budget Carrier 

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Sometimes budget airlines have the lowest rates and the most available seats. You may be able to get a window or aisle seat from them when your preferred carrier is full. It pays to shop sites and check alternative carriers.

The cover Program that appears during the checkout process may not offer the Very best coverage or the best value, therefore I advise shopping around for a fantastic travel insurance policy just after you booked the flight.

When You Compare travel insurance policies, the very best advice would be to Just take a while to work out just what degree of cover you want and do not let a couple of Euros today mean you are left under-insured when it really counts.

The AA Ireland travel insurance will allow you to compare policies from top three reputed insurance companies side by side and find the appropriate policy for the requirements.

3. Search Multiple Websites

When checking travel websites, compare several to see the best deals. Many of them have a comparison tool that allows you to check several sites at once. You can use a site that aggregates different results like InsanelyCheapFlights and finds the best deals. Besides Ryanair and Aer Lingus, there are a bunch of carriers with flights to and from Ireland daily such as: Norwegian Air International, British Airways, Lufthansa, Icelandair, Emirates Airlines, Air Canada, Finnair, and more.

4. Take Advantage of Discounts 

Another thing you can do is to take advantage of discounts you may be eligible for such as student discounts, employee discounts, group discounts, military discounts, senior discounts, and membership card discounts. With these you can save between 20 – 50% on flights.

5. Use Program Miles  

You can sometimes get free flights, companion tickets, and upgrades using your reward program points. Travel miles and rewards accumulate pretty fast so put them to good use and get some cheap flights for your vacation travel.

6. Book Early  

This is a well-known strategy for getting good deals, but booking too early doesn’t always ensure the best price. You shouldn’t book any earlier than 6 – 8 weeks prior to the date you plan to leave.

7. Sign up for Email Alerts and Specials 

Some carriers have special deals and will alert you when the price for a flight drops. You submit your mail address and you will be notified of last-minute specials that come up and when flights you are interested in become available. The prices for the specials are often limited to a 24-hour period so if you get one be sure to act on it immediately or you may miss out.

It is not about how to find the cheap flights or paying the lowest price, it’s more about saving a few Euros on your air fare by taking advantage of some discounts and sale prices not widely advertised.

If you follow the tips outlined here you will always get a good flight at a cost that is reasonable and within your travel budget.


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