A Guide to Road Tripping America

America is known for its wide, open roads and freeways. It’s a country built for lengthy and exhilarating road trips that’ll take you from state to state, permitting you to experience the different cultures and climates the USA has to offer you. Drive from New York City to New Orleans, and you’ll be surprised at how each city differs from one another.

Knowing how to experience an all-American road trip is a skill in itself, and if you wish to live a life similar to Jack Kerouac’s On The Road, the following guide will highlight the very best in road-tripping America.
american road trip route 66

Who is going?

Are you flying solo? Do you have a partner in crime? Is it a romantic retreat for two? Or is a whole group of friends taking the road? Decide who you wish to go with and then determine if it makes sense. You need your road trip buddies to be of similar mind to you; otherwise, you risk arguments on the road.

You need to figure out if they want to see and do the same things as you, but also whether they can handle the long drives, slumming it at times (motels may be your only option), and if they are okay with the duration of your road trip.

What are you driving?

The car you settle on depends on the type of road trip you want to experience. Are you driving long or short distance, are you traveling with a group of people, how much luggage do you have, and what vibe are you going for? Driving the Pacific Coast Highway may mean you want to hire a convertible, but Route 66 may mean you want a sturdier car.

Either way, be sure to check your options. You can click here for the cars available from trusted EZ Rent A Car.

Is your vehicle ready?

When planning a road trip, it is critical to prepare your vehicle. It is best to start early for the long journey ahead. This includes ensuring that your car has enough gas in the tank, that your car seat covers are clean, that you have the necessary supplies and emergency kit, and that you have planned where you will stop and what you will do during the day. When planning a cross-country road trip, you should also ensure that your vehicle is in good working order before you begin driving.

Have you packed properly?

Again, this depends on the length of your road trip, where you are exploring, and who is going. You will want to bring weather appropriate clothing, as well as chargers for your electronics, something to play music through, and plenty of snacks and water.

Road tripping does not mean you need to eat unhealthily, either. Before you leave, prepare some foods for the drive, such as carrot sticks and grapes. You can enjoy these fresh and then stock up later. Longer lasting foods you can pack involve popcorn and a bag of mixed nuts.

Do you know the best roads?

With so many roads to choose from, it can be difficult to narrow down the best route for you. Firstly, are you after the sun? If so, then traveling from San Francisco to Los Angeles matches your wants perfectly. For a lengthier drive, you should consider Route 66 from Chicago to Los Angeles or Chicago to New Orleans.

You should also consider:

The Las Vegas Loop – Stop off at the Grand Canyon and the Bryce Canyon.

San Francisco to Utah – Finish your trip at Salt Lake City.

The Overseas Highway – Explore Miami and the Key West.


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