Top 5 Flight Consolidators. Can Give You Huge Discounts on Your Next Air Ticket Purchase?

Searching for a flight ticket is often the most difficult part of travel, mostly because of the high prices, especially for long-distance travel. It can be frustrating and stressful. There are cheap tickets available now in some sectors and by some airlines, but the overall problem remains.

But all is not lost An airline consolidator can help you immensely.

A air consolidator is an organization that offers flight tickets at hugely discounted prices the prices you won’t get anywhere else. They are merchants who hold aircraft seats, normally in bulk quantities, and then sell them off at lower prices to individual buyers. These prices are so low that it becomes impossible for any other business to match the rates. Which means, there is always an opportunity to find these consolidators and get the tickets from them, so you can make huge savings.

Here, we are going to analyze the air ticket consolidation business and find the top 5 consolidators out there. We will also highlight the pros and cons of each one of them and also tell you how much money you can save by booking with each one of them.


Why Purchase from Business Class Consolidators

Buying a flight ticket is often a matter of luck because there is a lot to consider, especially if you are on a budget:

  • Which day of the week should I fly to save money?
  • Do weekends cost more?
  • Are early morning/late night flights cheaper?
  • What is the best time of the day for maximum savings?
  • Can reaching another airport save me money?

The fact is that, they can all influence the cost. However, with an airline consolidator, you don’t have to consider them and weigh the different combinations. These ticket wholesalers will save you money anyway.

And here’s the best part these are all legal businesses that are recognized by the by IATA (the International Air Transport Association).

In fact, these businesses offer a valuable service to the flight companies. Did you know that quite often, most airlines cannot sell many tickets on their flights, especially at the higher prices? They cannot also offer large discounts on prices that have already been published.

So what are they going to do? Are they going to fly with half-empty seats? They will end up losing a lot of money by doing this. So, here’s what the airlines do they offload a portion of the tickets to the airline consolidators at a lower price so that these tickets can be resold and the flight can fly close to its maximum capacity. This works for both domestic and international flights.

There are other benefits too:

  • Work with a personal travel planner/agent With a dependable flight consolidator, you get individual help from a real person who can offer great guidance and help you through the flight booking process. The planner will access exclusive resources like the GDS (Global Distribution System) and make all the arrangements for you, while also saving you money.
  • Greater comfort You don’t have to compare to find the best deal, find the best option and travel route. Many of us don’t even know of the various travel resources, so we cannot really compare as well. The professional consolidator will know everything and has the experience of helping the customers, which saves you both time and money.
  • Gain from their knowledge Many ticket wholesalers have been doing business for more than 10 years, and this proves to be useful when you really want an expert to help you. They work on organizing the best arrangements, so clients get the best advice and can stay stress-free.
  • Planning complex itineraries Sometimes, the flying routine is complicated because of in-between stops and airfare changes. The consolidator can help you here.
  • The booking process is simple Thanks to high-end booking widgets and advanced UI systems, the flight booking process has also become very simple.

See, how an experienced and knowledgeable consolidation service can help you in so many ways. They can both save you money and do all the planning for you.

Finding the Best Airfare Consolidators

Here are some of the best airline consolidators out there. You can always depend on them

  1. businessclassconsolidator.com
  2. voyagu.com
  3. businessclassexperts.com
  4. skyluxtravel.com
  5. airlineconsolidator.com

1# BusinessClassConsolidator.com Savings for your Premium Flight Tickets

  • Get the cheapest business-class tickets around the world
  • Hot deals for Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe, and the Middle East

BusinessClassConsolidator.com is recognized by ARC, BBB, and ASTA. They are in business for almost 10 years now.

Use this service to book your first-class and business flights. Save and plan by working with a real human travel agent. Solve complicated issues like multi-city planning. They work with all leading airlines, so there are no restrictions on the flights you can travel on.


  1. Save up to 50%
  2. Very quick response time and service
  3. An understanding and supporting support team
  4. Simple to use interface
  5. Last-minute deals included
  6. Book domestic or international flights
  7. Many happy customers worldwide


  1. Will there be a full or partial refund if your flight is cancelled for whatever reason. Look closely at the details before booking. Check the fee for cancelation too.
  2. The process of refund can be long.

BCC is a top airline consolidator that has hundreds of positive reviews. They are also very good in their management and organizational skills.

2# Voyagu.com Affordable Tickets for Both Business and First-Class Travel

  • Make flight changes easily
  • Helps you get the most attractive deals
  • Visa processing
  • Also for travel insurance, hotels and restaurant bookings, event bookings like concerts, exhibitions, etc

They can personalize your trip, which makes it more enjoyable. Voyagu.com does it all, from booking flights, restaurant tables, spa sessions, and more, which makes it really convenient. They can even book open-date flights, one-way tickets, and complicated destinations. Turn to them if you are looking for a one-stop solution.


  1. Easily understandable and navigable website
  2. Easy ordering process
  3. Works with all major airlines like Singapore Airlines, Lufthansa, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Swiss, Thai, etc
  4. Huge savings between 30% and 50% for tickets
  5. Very good customer service
  6. com can match any deal


  1. Tickets and deals are usually for the popular routes only

The general impression is great. Voyagu offers many awesome services but this is still a new business.

3# BusinessClassExperts.com Premium Global Flights

  • For the US, UK, Canada, and most European countries
  • Comfortable luxury flight bookings with customizations

More than 97% of their clients say they would utilize the assistance again in light of their pleasant arrangements and consistent response. BCE is good, quick, and the deals are really attractive.

They can prepare a customized plan for you with business and first class ticket. The savings for business class can be about $5,000. Try BCE for their savings and also the help you will receive for planning and guidance.


  1. Very fast processing time
  2. Easy booking process
  3. Free, no-obligation quotes
  4. Huge savings of up to 60% for the European sector
  5. Linked with many good travel-related websites
  6. Good presence on LinkedIn
  7. Efficient documentation handling ability


  1. Only for premium-class travel

A great service for business and premium-class flight booking! You can save money, time, and all the travel planning hassles.

4# SkyLuxTravel.Com Affordable Business and First-Class Flight Tickets

This is yet another good airline consolidation business that you can safely depend on. You will find tickets for almost all leading airlines together with very good customer service. Turn to this provider if you are looking for only the best airline companies and still want savings.

They are into efficient travel management as well, so you will also save time and a lot of hassles. You will receive a customized solution, geared to your precise needs.


  1. Customized travel planning and solutions
  2. Round the clock, round the week customer support
  3. A-level BBB accreditation and many Trustpilot reviews
  4. Hot deals for around the world


  1. There are no tickets for economy-class passengers

Everything considered, this is a very good ticket wholesaler. They are reliable and can save you money. Your ticket may cost up to 50% for long-distance travel.

5# AirlineConsolidator.Com Affordable Tickets for All Flights

Looking for cheap domestic or international flights to virtually any destination? Airline Consolidator can be a great bet. Most of their cheap deals are for Central and South America, the Pacific, Middle East, Europe, India, and other parts of Asia. Large database as they work with more than 50 airlines.


  1. Works with many leading airlines
  2. Also for cheap rail tickets and hotel bookings for inter-flight days
  3. Bonus points for frequent flyers
  4. Not just premium travel, you will find tickets also for coach, premium economy, first, and business


  1. The website interface should have been better

Turn to AirlineConsolidator.Com for their special features, wide range of tickets to choose from, savings, and last-minute deals. They can also help you with your rail ticket and hotel room bookings. If only their website and its interface was better!

Airline Consolidators Alternatives to Consider

Conslidator.com consolidador.com is a reputed business for cheap tickets, and also for hotel rooms and cultural events. They use high-tech to find you many alternatives and good prices. The reservation will happen in real time. The ticket will be issued automatically. You will get everything on your email.

1800FlyEurope / Auto Europe www.autoeurope.com/ is well-known for car bookings but can also book your flight ticket under the 1800FlyEurope brand name. Try them if you are looking for some of the cheapest deals for business class travel.

Economy Travel www.economytravel.com has been in business for almost 40 years and naturally has a long experience. Thanks to their interface, you can clearly see the difference in prices between the regular and consolidated fares. You will clearly know the saved amount. You can filter to find easily. Leisure, business travelers, educators and everyone else can book through them.

CheapOAir.com CheapOair.com works as a travel planner and ticket wholesaler. Get up to 60% discounts even for the most difficult to manage and exotic destination. They work with 15 leading businesses in the travel space, so there are plenty of options for you. The interface is also simple. You can pick from more than 15 million exclusive flight deals and 90,000 affordable hotel booking options.

Cheap Tickets www.cheaptickets.com is a great option as well. But you will want to check all the booking details. Pay close attention to what is included with your ticket. Often, there is no car rental or flight change support. Cheap Tickets is very good for Last Minute deals and special offers.

AirfarePlanet.com It may seem to you that the www.airfareplanet.com interface is not that easy to manage. It may seem like just another service. The website doesn’t impress, but the deals, especially on luxury tickets are still very attractive. This is what makes this consolidator stand out.


How airline consolidators work?

Consolidators also work with travel agents to offer discounted tickets for various activities, attractions, and also hotel and restaurant bookings.

These are wholesale businesses that buy tickets from the airlines at their net rates, mostly for the tickets that remain unsold. They are allowed to sell the tickets at a 30% lower price often so that the airlines don’t have to fly half-empty. The consolidators work with travel agencies also to offer their booking for many activities, attractions, and for hotel reservations too.

Consolidators don’t always purchase in bulk and sometimes, they don’t sell in advance. They access various resources to find the best deals for the many classes as soon as the airlines close their deals.

Will the airline lose revenue by selling through a consolidator?

Not at all! Without them, the airline might have had to fly half-empty, which means, they would have lost money. With the airline consolidators, the airlines can sell their unsold stock, which increases their revenue and operating profits.

It works for all parties. You can get tickets at huge savings and the air consolidators too make their commission. The airlines too can earn more revenues and can also promote their specials and new routes. The use of advanced booking engines like GDSs helps you as you don’t have to visit different websites to compare and buy.

Is an airfare consolidator the same as a bucket shop?

The term ‘bucket shop’ is often used to describe an airline consolidator. So they often mean the same.

But there is a little difference. The term Bucket Shop is usually for international bookings. Airline wholesalers, also offer domestic tickets.

Tips to Save Money on Your Next Airline Ticket

Here are some additional tips for you. Be smart and you may be able to save anything between 10% and 70% on your flight ticket.

  • Buy at the right time You will get the most savings 72 hours before the time the flight takes off.
  • Time and day of travel The best deals are available for Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Early morning and late night routes are usually sold for less.
  • Compare the consolidators There are many out there. Comparison shopping can save you even more.

About Airfare Consolidators

Airline consolidators are small businesses. They contract the airlines, buy their unsold tickets in bulk and sell at a lower price to help the flyers save money. You can find tickets for many destinations and categories. The prices are so attractive that even the airline may not be able to match them.

But remember to always deal with a consolidator that has been officially approved by the airline business.

Many of them advertise on newspapers and on social media. Always work with a legal and approved business, a firm that is partnered with the airline for their ticket sales. This will ensure that you will always be safe.


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