Top 10 Routes And Destinations For Phuket Yacht Charter And Boat Rental

Phuket is an excellent destination for people who want to go on water adventures. You can experience the best of Thailand’s natural beauty by taking a yacht charter or boat rental trip through Phuket Island. The beaches of Phuket island are beautiful and serene, with clear blue water, white sand, and plenty of palm trees, making it an ideal place for relaxation.


Fortunately, there’s a yacht charter company that can satisfy your water adventures in Phuket. Here are the top 10 destinations for yacht charter and boat rentals.

1. Phang Nga Bay Yacht Charter

Phang Nga National Park consists of different beautiful small and large islands and is known for crystal clear water and white sandy beaches. It also features impressive limestone cliffs that tower up and out of water. These rich natural beauties and archeological sites are more than a thousand years old.

Island hopping is the best activity to explore the stunning sceneries in Phang Nga Bay. On this trip, you will witness collections of nests for bird’s nest soup on high bamboo poles. You can explore the caves by kayaking or go cruising at James Bond Island or Kao Tapoo. Additionally, you can eat lunch and drink a cold beverage on an inflatable jacuzzi. The crystal waters of Koh Hong’s Pelay are also best to swim on as it offers the best desert island experience.

2. Phang Nga And East Yao Noi Yacht Charter

Koh Yao Noi has various beaches accessible via boat and yachts. The yacht charter travels from Phang Nga to Kudu Island and onto a secret beach with no tourists in sight. For a cultural experience, dining at the Pyramid Restaurant is where you should go. It offers a stunning view of the Krabi Islands. In addition, you can roam around the island where you can enjoy the island’s authentic rice paddies, water buffalo, and farms.

Another adventure to consider is your chance to climb the hill at Ko Nok Island. Here you can see the breathtaking views of Phang Nga Bay. On your way back, you will see the beautiful sand bar at Ko Phe.

3. Secret Beach Yacht Charter

Suppose you went on holiday mainly to relax and unwind. In that case, the Secret Beach will give you the perfect peaceful getaway. This beach is best for private celebrations, faraway and undisturbed by other tourists.

After all the relaxation, you may head onto Ko Naka, where you can try parasailing, wakeboarding, or jet skiing. Next is to go to a hidden island treasure, Ko Phe, where you can admire the beautiful sand bar that only appears at low tide.

4. Krabi Area Yacht Charter

One of the most famous islands in the Krabi Area is Ko Hong Krabi because of its incredible hidden lagoon. There are hot springs in Klong Thom, Suhan Hoi, Thung Teao Forest National Park, and many street markets on Krabi Island.

Snorkeling around Krabi is perfect because of its abundant sea life and white sand beaches. The Koh Poda has an offshore coral reef that’s perfect for snorkelers. On the other hand, the Koh Mor and Koh Tap are safe and ideal places for children and non-swimmers.

5. Koh Lanta And Southern Thailand Yacht Charter

Koh Lanta Island is one of Thailand’s most beautiful places off the coast of Krabi. It has nearly a dozen beaches with a breathtaking atmosphere and charm. The tourist season in Koh Lanta goes from October to April, while several people visit Koh Lanta in the green season from May to October.

Lanta Yai is home to sand beaches, best for visitors looking for thrilling adventures. Talu Beach, Rok Nai, and Man Sai Bay also have fine sandy beaches and colorful coral reefs. Moreover, it is a pleasure to witness authentic beach life at Kon Yao Yai with their ancient ceremonies and traditions.

6. Phi Phi Islands Yacht Charter

The Phi Phi Islands are composed of different beautiful islands. Not many places offer such unique diving sites, and diving around Phi Phi is an experience you should not miss when you get to Phucket. The divers and snorkelers will enjoy this island since the clear water makes the coral beds visible.

Phi Phi Don is also known to be the larger of the islands in Phi Phi and has a picturesque view of narrow crescent-shaped bays and limestone mountains. The smaller island, Phi Phi Ley, still has its natural preserved beauty.

If you are longing for a more serene spot, Laem Tong Beach, Phak Nam Bay, and Loh Ba Gao are the best remote locations on the island. On the other hand, Loh Dalam Beach and Maya Bay are famous tourist spots. In addition, animal lovers will enjoy a stopover at Monkey Beach, where they can feed local monkeys.

7. Maithon Island

Maiton Island is a paradise only 15 minutes away from Phuket via speedboat. It is a private island with a few small hotels and bungalows if you want to stay the night. On a day trip, you can visit Kai islands, where you can enjoy freshly caught seafood to eat. On the return journey, your boat can stop at Ko Rang Yai or Ko Phe, both peaceful islands on the eastern coastline of Phuket.

8. Phuket Islands and Beaches Yacht Charter

Whether you are in for a thrilling adventure, beach and island hopping, swimming, and snorkeling, a cruise around Phuket islands is the perfect spot for all these activities. You may choose either sailing yachts or luxury motor boats to enjoy what the Phuket islands offer.

Phuket has many accessible islands and many available activities for tourists. You can cruise the shoreline from Ao Po Marina or Chalong Pier for sightseeing and enjoy the sunset at Promthep Cape. You may also go to Patong Beach for another water adventure. In addition, you can spot dolphins at Koh Kai Nog and discover sea gypsy skeletons in a cave at Koh Phi Phi.


9. Similan Islands Yacht Charter

Similan Islands are composed of undeveloped islands that are home to many sea creatures. Koh Ba Ngu or Skull Island features an underwater valley where grass and corals grow. Its interconnecting island, Koh Miang, is home to fine sandy beaches and the National Park Office.

If you intend to travel between November and February, the best spot to go is Koh Hu Yong, where sea turtles lay their eggs on the shore. The largest landmass in Similan Islands, Koh Siliman, has new coral reefs. For keen divers, you will love the encounters with manta rays and other tropical marine creatures at Koh Bon.

10. Racha Yai And Racha Noi Yacht Charter

Racha Yai Island has snowy white sands like that of talcum powder. The clear water and colorful corals are perfect for snorkelers. For romantic night trips, Ao Siam Bay is best for stargazing.

On the other hand, Racha Noi is an uninhabited spot with natural habitat and rocky shores home to different marine lives. You can try game fishing at the small bay as you return to the island.


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