The Ultimate Anti-Planning Guide to Travel for Millennials

Millennials are one of the most travel-thirsty groups, spending in the region of $200 billion on this leisurely pursuit in a given year. Within this group, certain values and trends are visible, including a strong interest in sustainable travel, an interest in immersing oneself in a new culture (rather than shopping or engaging in other materialistic pursuits), and a willingness to travel solo. Those with children enjoy taking them along, since they are aware of the ability that travel can have when it comes to enriching an entire family’s outlook. If you have already ticked off all the countries on your bucket list, and you’d like to take an ad hoc vacation this year, read on to discover key strategies to a trip filled with surprise.

planning a trip

Letting Destiny Decide
If you really wish to learn about new cultures, savor new flavors, and feast your eyes on unexpectedly beautiful sites, open your mind to new possibilities by leaving your destination to fate. You can do this in many ways—either by placing the names of various destinations in a bag and pulling one out, throwing a dart at a map blindfolded,  or using a random destination generator. Online name generators allow you to define your search according to continent or country. If you really want to let  destiny be your guide, and you have the budget for it, don’t exclude any country and truly commit to visiting the first name you encounter.
Opting for a Road Trip
Road trips are enjoying a huge resurgence in the US owing to post-pandemic economic challenges and the burgeoning popularity of open-air, sustainable, plane-free travel. Just a few of the most oft-visited routes include Hana Highway in Maui (featuring views of lush, green mountainscapes and the Pacific Ocean), US 1 in Florida Keys (with an overseas highway that strings islands together and looks over underwater coral reefs), and Route 12 in Utah (famed for its red rock majesty). The great thing about road trips is that while you can choose your ultimate destination, you can decide how you get there on an ad hoc basis, taking detours and discovering local natural and city sights recommended by locals.
Making it About Taste
If one of the most enriching things about travel is trying out different cultural traditions, why not pick up a Michelin Guide and aim to visit at least five starred establishments on your next vacation? Get ready for long degustation menus featuring 14 dishes or more, accompanied by wonderful mines and ending with delicious sweets and mignardises. You can take it a step further by taking regional gastronomic tours, visiting vineyards and local farms, and by taking classes so you can learn to make a few regional dishes from the places you are visiting.
It is ironic to think that one of the best vacations of your life could be one you spend the least amount of time planning. From using name generators to throwing a dart at a world map, there are many ways to make destination selection more surprising. Road and culinary trips are additional choices if you wish to let nature or food (respectively) guide your way to exciting new places you may never have considered visiting.


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