5 Exciting Jobs to Do While Traveling

Traveling is expensive, and not everyone wants to work hard for several years to save enough money to enjoy a trip of a lifetime. Fortunately, you don’t always have to have a healthy savings account to see the world. Instead, you can earn money as you travel. From bartending to seasonal work, here are five exciting jobs you can do while being a tourist.


Many hospitality businesses always look for bar staff to help them serve customers during busy periods. If you happen to be traveling through Queensland, Australia, consider doing a fast and straightforward Galaxy Training Australia RSA online course for responsible service of alcohol. This certificate can give you the knowledge you need to serve and sell liquor to the general public.

Bartending is also a job you can perform anywhere in the world. Whether you’re in Australia, America, or even Asia, you can likely put your skills to good use while using the money you earn to visit some of the most popular tourist attractions.

Seasonal Work

Seasonal work is a form of temporary employment that businesses provide around the same time each year. Typically, seasonal work is abundant in the agricultural and farming industries, with jobs like fruit and vegetable picking, packing, pruning, and processing. Many businesses offering seasonal work also provide accommodation, which can be a desirable perk for travelers who don’t have a fixed address.

Online Freelancing

woman working on laptop outside
You’re in a desirable position if you have digital skills like graphic design, website development, or content creation. Even if you have no money for travel, you can earn money if you have access to a computer and an internet connection. If you don’t already have an established client base, you can sign up to an online freelancing platform and apply for jobs listed by businesses and individuals. Before long, you might be earning enough money to cover your many travel-related expenses.

Restaurant Work

According to the National Restaurant Association in the United States, there were over half a million job vacancies in the restaurant industry in 2022. Even if you don’t have any restaurant work experience, you might not have any problems securing a temporary job like serving, dishwashing, and cleaning to fund your travel adventures. This can be a particularly beneficial line of work if you intend on staying in a town or city for several weeks or months before exploring somewhere new.


Accommodation is expensive, and it’s not uncommon to need to spend several hundred dollars on a hotel room for a single night during a town or city’s peak travel season. If you prefer to save that money for experiences rather than a roof over your head, consider volunteering.

Many charitable organizations can’t afford to pay their workers, but they provide volunteers with free room and board for labor. You can spend a few hours each day helping out your charity of choice, explore the local tourist attractions, then return to your free accommodation before deciding where to travel next.

Many people miss out on the opportunity to travel because they can’t save enough money to set off. However, you don’t always need to have substantial savings before traveling. Instead, you might see the value in exploring any of these job opportunities above to make money while seeing the world simultaneously.


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