Making Travel And Work A Reality

Working remotely can present a number of challenges for your employers. If you have decided to adopt a digital nomadic lifestyle, these are the golden principles you will need to learn and apply in order to make this a reality. As a globetrotter, there are plenty of adventures to be had on the road, and this can be sustainable if you find a way to work and earn money from your laptop alone. It sounds difficult but there is a growing digital nomadic community in the world. If you already have a career in one of the digital professions, chances are you can get your job done from anywhere in the world. In case you were wondering if working remotely is really right for you, if you don’t try, how will you ever know? The problem is that most people do not fully understand the pros and cons of working remotely, and so, here is the best recipe for budding digital nomads. 

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Some people travel all their lives and finally find a place that they love. In this case, you may feel that your journey has ended and you are ready to settle in a new country. If you fall in love with a city, you may want to stay longer than your current visa allows and even buy  a house there. If this does happen, you can consult the best immigration lawyers to ensure that things can run smoothly. If you fall in love and you want to move somewhere that your partner lives, again you need to speak with a lawyer. 

Create a winning formula

You may feel as if you do not have a job that lends itself to travelling on the road. Yes, if you are self-employed it makes this decision so much easier. But can your current job be adapted? Here is a list of some of the more common job titles that nomads acquire:

  1. Website builder
  2. Application developer Google SEO (Organic SEO in Search Engines)
  3. Campaign manager for digital marketing 
  4. Social Media Manager
  5. A digital entrepreneur who sells online 
  6. Customer service person via computer and phone, email or Skype
  7. A technical support assistant who helps customers solve problems in any matter, provided it is done remotely
  8. Writers, bloggers and creators
  9. Online Yoga instructors 
  10. Photographers 

The list of course does go on. During the pandemic, more people have been forced to work remotely, and therefore if you feel your job could be done on the road then it is worth broaching this with your boss. If you love to travel, and they are aware of this, it may not come as much of a shock to them when you express your desire to work on the road. There are plenty of countries that offer Nomad visas, including Thailand, Czech Republic, Estonia and Spain. There has also been talks of Greece implementing a nomad visa for 2021/2022. 

We encourage you to make decisions and judge for yourself what you want to do, but the chances are, you already know.  Think about how to combine the two things together: work and travel. Build a work plan that includes goals and objectives for the coming year, and be as flexible as the water. We know plans can change right now, but your dreams don’t have to.


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