Coast-to-Coast Careers: 5 Surprising Benefits of Travel Jobs

If you’re a lover of adventure and a hater of redundant routines, you probably dread the static nature of a long-term, local 9 to 5 job. Let’s face it: cubicle farms and corporate schedules don’t exactly feed a wanderlust-struck soul. Luckily, those who avoid staying in one place for too long and ache for a change of pace can find solace in available travel jobs.

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Believe it or not, careers that allow workers to maintain a flexible lifestyle while traveling the world and earning a substantial income are out there. You can even do an online Master’s in Sports Management from https://sm.hhp.ufl.edu/ or get many other virtual degrees without attending physical classes. If you’re considering trading your daily freeway commute for regular rides in an airplane, consider these surprising benefits of travel jobs.

You’ll become a more attractive employee

Whether you’re consistently traveling for international business meetings, seeking travel nurse opportunities through resources like these, jet-setting as a flight attendant, or performing on a cruise ship, travel-oriented employment offers career-expanding opportunities like no other. Regular visits to far-off places will expose you to a multitude of cultures, languages, and customs, sharpening your communication skills and broadening your ability to connect with customers of all kinds. Well-traveled employees will become indispensable once they bring well-rounded perspectives and a breadth of worldly experience to the company’s table.

You guessed it: you get to travel

Watching your PTO balance dwindle while you try your best to see as much of the world as possible can make you feel discouraged and trapped. After all, squeezing well-rounded and satisfying travel experiences into just one or two weeks per year is nearly impossible. However, those lucky enough to land a travel job reap travel benefits–like personal development and cultural exposure–without worrying about time-off requests or lost pay. Travel-oriented careers encourage exploration and adventure on the job and offer flexibility surrounding sightseeing outings or holiday celebrations.

Workers gain access to personal benefits galore

Goodbye, Sunday scaries. Hello, sky miles. Although your company will foot the bill for your transportation, you’ll quickly become a frequent flyer and start racking up airline perks. The same goes for attractive hotel statuses and gas mileage. You may even be able to write off lodging upgrades, entertainment tickets, or fancy meal splurges when filing your taxes. You’ll be travel hacking in no time.


Your activity arsenal will grow

If you decide to accept a travel job, be prepared to bust boredom on a daily. While not every day will be chalked full of play, opportunities to engage in new and exciting activities will consistently present themselves to you. Travel careers offer workers the option to play hard once the workday is over. As you take advantage of your ever-changing surroundings, you may find yourself picking up hobbies you would never have tried in your hometown.

You’ll get a leg up on the competition

Listing a travel job on your resume adds a splash of color to your work experience and sets you apart from the crowd. Since many working adults are unwilling to leave the comforts of home for a career that requires constant travel, your experience will be unique. Whether you’re applying for a brand new role or an internal promotion, your willingness to hop across the pond will put you a step ahead of your peers.

Before you go

The right travel job will not only afford you the opportunity to enjoy the excursions of your dreams but also encourage you to enhance your personal and professional skills. Adventure is out there, and you don’t have to sacrifice a fulfilling career to find it.


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