Jobs you can do while travelling the world

For all our desire to put the worst of Covid-19 behind us, we are perhaps left with one positive legacy from two years of lockdowns and travel restrictions. An enforced move towards remote working has opened up new opportunities to work from home – while not actually at home. So, that means it is now easier to hold down a job at the same time as seeing the world.

digital nomad

Some people may have been inspired to change the direction of their career; to take up a new path completely. Others, meanwhile, just need a laptop and an internet connection to embrace a form of ‘digital nomadism‘. But what are your options when you decide you want a change of scenery – but still need an income? Here are some of the choices you might want to consider.

Teaching the next generation

Going abroad and taking up a teaching role is nothing new. And you wouldn’t normally have to look hard to find someone who has left the UK and found a position teaching English. This type of role can be found in all corners of the globe.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be exclusively teaching young people. There’s a fair number of adults in non-native English-speaking countries who are keen to learn English – and therefore will need a good teacher to help them on that journey.

Sharing your travel experience

Got a passion for writing? Don’t want to commit yourself to one location for an extended period of time. You could always think about setting up a travelog and charting your experiences for a wider audience. It can help you bring in (or supplement) an income through on-site advertising.

You may even encounter some travel and hospitality providers who are prepared to give you a free stay/ride/experience in return for a write-up. The more you travel and the more you write, the more experience you’ll gain. And, in turn, the bigger your following will start to grow.

Trading the financial markets

It is easier than ever before to invest in the financial markets. Of course, it comes with the risks you’d expect. Equally, there can be money to be made in the markets. And CFD trading with an online broker allows you to trade a wide range of markets for a fraction of the usual cost. This is because of a thing called ‘leverage’ and can open up earning potential you didn’t think existed.

Coding and web development

Long before the pandemic arrived, we were already living in a digital-forward world. But there’s still a talent shortage when it comes to tech roles. And it’s a surprise because this is maybe one profession more than most that lends itself to working while on your travels.

A laptop and an internet connection are all it takes to code, design, and build websites or apps. You could find yourself working through lines of JavaScript in your home office. Or you could do the same thing from a beachside café in the Caribbean, Indonesia, Mediterranean, or wherever.

…anything using a computer!

In truth, there are plenty of different jobs that you can do while travelling. The move to remote working means that pretty much any job that requires a computer can be done on the move. It means there’s now a much greater sense of freedom for anyone wanting to combine earning an income with seeing the world. So, what do you want to do – and where do you want to go?

Don’t forget traditional, in-person roles like teaching or hospitality too…


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