Road Trip from Sydney to Melbourne

The road trip from Sydney to Melbourne is filled with lush national parks and extraordinary nature reserves, stunning ocean scenery, and charming beachside towns. At just under 1400km’s, this is a trip that should be enjoyed and soaked in over a couple of days, as there are so many options available to you. Taking your time will allow you to experience the most incredible parts of Australia. 

For locals and visitors alike, a campervan hire from Sydney is a perfect option for embarking on this journey. It allows you the freedom and flexibility to pace yourself, with the convenience of all the amenities you need to have a comfortable holiday. If you happen to find better campervan hire deals in the reverse direction, this itinerary can also be switched to travel from Melbourne to Sydney. 

Sydney Opera House

DAY 1 Sydney to Jervis Bay 196km  

Beachside Beginnings-San Souci 

If there is one thing that Sydney is famous for, it’s the wide expanse of white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters of the beaches; the best summer hot spots for sightseeing and enjoying some of the most delicious seafood that is on offer. San Souci is a splendid place to begin any road trip, beachfront views at Lady Robinson’s Beach, overlooking the airport and bay; there is plenty of opportunities for walks, bike rides, and stops at the local cafes for breakfast or even a nice brunch. 

The Kiama Blow hole  

Escaping the notorious Sydney traffic, a two-hour drive away, you will pull into Seven Mile beach, and continue to experience the beauty of the coastline that Australia has to offer. The pristine white sands and crystal-clear Pacific Ocean will lie before you with so many things to explore.  

Walk to the infamous Kiama lighthouse or round to the Endeavour lookout, where the blow holes are always showing an incredible display of ocean water surprises; a great photo opportunity.  

If you are feeling even more adventurous you could drive to the famous Jamberoo waterpark, just 11 minutes away and make a day of the incredible rides and attractions, there has never been a more unique experience. 

Berry to Jervis Bay 

Another hour and 16 minutes via the Grand Pacific Drive, along the Shoalhaven River, stop in Berry and enjoy the unique antique shops and sit at the local cafes. Berry is a foodie’s paradise, so take your time to fill your bellies after a long day on the road. The Berry Tea shop and Doughnut van are just some of the many exclusive and delicious places to eat at and divulge one’s appetite. 

After you dawdle along the bright and exciting streets of Berry, Jervis Bay is the perfect place to finish up for the day.  

DAY 2 Jervis Bay to Narooma 175kms 

Renowned for having the world’s whitest beaches, waking up to a sunrise on the water couldn’t get any better than that. Start your day with a beach walk along the boardwalks that line the bay, taking in the breathtaking views and gorgeous scenery. 

Cruises and so much more 

One of the most popular scenic tours is the legendary dolphin cruise where you can spot over 60 bottlenose dolphins frolicking the bay’s beautiful waters; a site not to be missed. The cruise also offers a history of the bay and a walk back in time as you discover the rich culture of the bay itself. The cruise also offers a boom net experience to sit and be close to the dolphins as they play alongside the boat. 

The point perpendicular lighthouse is also worth the walk, situated in Honeymoon Bay. And this bay does not disappoint, views of the edge of the world and white sands are just the beginning of so much beauty that the bay has to offer. To top this off visit the beautiful Cave beach a stunner with marine life present everywhere, you never know what you’ll find. 

Bateman’s Bay 

The next stop has to be the infamous Bateman’s Bay, just under 2 hours away. The Bay is just exquisite and has similar stunning views to Jarvis Bay, you can venture to the Holmes lookout to start the descent into the bay, with picnic tables situated around for a nice cuppa and rest with great opportunities for photos, with a stunning blue backdrop to accompany the photo; perfect for the social media reels. 

You then have the option of putting on your hiking shoes for a hike to Myrtle beach, hidden amongst the Australian native undergrowth, or perhaps you would like to have a go at surfing and swimming at the bay or why not join the kayaking group tours and hit the water itself; a first-hand experience for the adventurous spirit. The best views are often upfront on the water. 

Glasshouse rocks and Pillow Lava  

Just under an hour away, whilst taking in the stunning views of the coastlines, you can’t pass up the offer of the Glass House Rocks and Pillow Lava beach. It is perhaps the most photographed rock along the Eurobodalla coastline. 

At the northern end of the beach, there is a display of igneous pillow lava formed through the lava flow of a submarine volcano and the colours are stunning worth a photo or two against the glittering ocean backdrop, they are simply incredible.  

For headland views, follow Glasshouse Rocks Road and veer left onto Cemetery Road and on to the Narooma Cemetery car park. Head past the cemetery on foot towards the white fence.  

Montague Island  

Looking for a unique experience to end your day trip and long drive, the Montague Island cottages offer a unique encounter with the wildlife and views that will leave you shocked because of how incredible they are. The Island is not just a beautiful and historical place to stay the night, but also great place to take pictures of the hundreds of fur seals that like to visit and there are over 90 species of bird around the island, so bring your binoculars, your experience will be rich and informative indeed. 

Day 3 Narooma to Mallacoota 213km 

Waking up from your beautiful day at the heritage lighthouse stay, enjoy a homemade breakfast and begin your day with an incredible penguin tour, whilst you continue to take in the incredible views and fresh sea air. 

Tilba Tilba Village 

Just a mere 20-minute drive from your Narooma experience, enter the exquisite village of Tilba Tilba. Visit the Fox gardens, a stunning garden surrounding a quaint farm cottage or investigate the Gumnut Hideaway gallery, home to some of the region’s most beautiful photographed areas. If you so desire you are also a short drive from the spectacular Mystery Bay lookout and the 1080 beach which is popular for swimming surfing and fishing. 

Mimosa Rocks National Park  

Get your hiking shoes ready and that adventurous spirit prepared because it’s time for some unforgettable experiences. The park’s name is derived from the Paddle Steamers Mimosa that was wrecked in 1863 after running onto rocks at the northern end of the park.  When you explore the park you’ll notice the distinctive rocks of intricate folds, faults and intrusions occurring in the rock.  

To top it off enjoy the Bunga head view for an unforgettable sunrise backed by the pinks of the early morning sky or the orange hues of the sunset. And enjoy a series of activities such as fishing snorkelling and birdwatching throughout the park and there are plenty of great picnic areas to stop for a break or a meal.  

Mallacoota Foreshore Holiday Park  

Just two hours away, stay at one of the most incredible holiday park destinations. The Mallacoota inlet is captivating with its shimmering lakes, rivers, quiet beaches, and rich forests. Hiking, fishing, swimming and so many more activities are the perfect recreational wonders for you to unwind and relax. 

DAY 4 Mallacoota to Metung 219 km 

Like a little bit of History, why not start the day afresh at the incredible WWII Bunker Museum or take your time to stroll the coastal walks which offer the most amazing views of the coastal mountain line. 

Cape Conran Coastal Park  

An Hour and a half away heading to the East Cape, enjoy the fresh and shallow waters of the Cape Conran Costal Park. The calmer waters will be a terrific opportunity for swimming and pictures. Want to capture some amazing photos then look no further than the wildness of Pear point and Bin beach. Surf fishing and rover fishing are some of the great activities to be engaged in with a backdrop of salmon rocks and purple and pink hues in the sky at both sunset and sunrise. 

Want a bit more of a challenge Estuary View walk, Pearl Point walk, and the Dock Inlet walk are just some of the ways to explore incredible sites and views of the national park. 

Ninety Mile beach  

Another simply incredible and unique place to visit is the popular Ninety-Mile beach. The endless stretch of sand is Victoria’s best-kept secret. Enjoy a relaxed vibe in this small and quaint town, with a famous beach that offers endless times for walks and lots of photos.  

We recommend hiring a kayak and also exploring the beautiful waters that the beach has to offer before you continue to Metung. 


The final destination of the day is located East of the Gippsland region of Victoria. This upmarket village on the shores of the Gippsland lakes, with 5-star accommodation available, offers an exploration for the shopper’s heart with a handful of boutique stores and great opportunities for exploring the waterfront. 

DAY 5 Metung to Wilson’s Promontory 137kms 

Wilsons Promontory

Begin your day exploring the popular farmer’s markets, a monthly market that if timed right, will showcase the local produce, bread, and other baked goods such as meat, prawns’ vegetables, and fruit from the local business in the region.  If you are looking for a nice meal to start the journey, we also recommend the local Bakery with its delicious pies, sausage rolls, salad rolls, cakes and coffee. 

Town of Yarram 

Located just over two hours away, choose from among the many kilometres of walking and hiking tracks through the beautiful Strzelecki ranges north of Yarram and the Tara valley-forests, waterfalls, valleys, and farms and with abundant wildlife these ranges are the perfect way to relax and enjoy the exploration and wonders this valley has to offer. 

Or explore the Tarra Bulga national park covering, 1625 hectares of cool temperate rainforest, this national park features giant mountains and trees, beautiful fern gullies, ancient myrtle beeches, and several nature walks crossing the graceful and long suspension bridge, perfect for more pictures and snaps whilst taking in the breathless landscapes. 

Wilson’s park  

Imagine a hidden valley surrounded by mountain ranges overlooking a crystal-clear bay, Wilson’s park or Promontory knowns as the Prom is an example of Victoria’s most loved national park.  Don’t forget to watch out for the Aussie animals and why not chill at one of the oldest outdoor cinemas which is located at the Wilsons promontory. Enjoy a film against the backdrop of the Australian wilderness. 

DAY 6 Wilson’s Promontory to Phillip Island 277kms 

Wilson’s promontory 

Try your luck exploring the squeaky beach track and indeed it is squeaky. The evenly sized grains of sand have a bit of rubbing and therefore make a squeaky sound. The track begins at the tidal river bridge and guides over the headland that separates Norman from Leonard Bay, a beautiful walk overlooking the west side of Wilsons prom. 

The Shell Museum  

After a long drive, four hours from the Prom’s National Park, browse and explore one of Australia’s private collections of natural sea life featuring over 90,000 shells and sea creatures, a unique coral reef room which also displays hundreds of corals under special lighting and the list goes on. As well as this, discover aquariums featuring local sea creatures and fish, some of the world’s rarest and weirdest fish such as the Goblin and Frill shark preserved and displayed. Then browse the gift shop and pick up something handcrafted to take home. 

Phillip Island nature park  

You have not seen anything yet, on to the pristine white beach, partake in some hi-octane motor sports, discover endless family fun and exploration at the seaside holiday destination of Phillip Island, now just 90 minutes from Melbourne CBD. See little penguins and sleepy koalas in their natural habitat or soak up all the action at the Australian Motorcycle Grand Prix. 

DAY 7 Phillip Island to Mornington Peninsula 111km 

The Seal Rocks  

There is nothing like the wild sea life and their quirks, seeing them in their natural habitat. A visit to the seal rocks is the perfect addition to your trip, you will find them lazing about on the rock formations, and once you have glimpsed these unique and funny creatures you have officially met and experienced Phillip Island’s happy residents. 

Cape Woolamai  

Home to the famous pinnacles and spectacular coastal scenery and one of Victoria’s best surf breaks, cape Woolamai is a special spot to stay on your journey.  Take a walk along the sheer cliff tops to the island’s most southerly point and be rewarded with panoramic views and the clear ocean blue, including a vision of the pink granite of the pinnacle rocks.  

After a day spent walking and exploring, head to the famous Bang Bang bar and restaurant for a refreshing drink and home to some of the best food and real local vibes. 

San Remo 

Enjoy the popular seaside town of San Remo where the largest shark fishing fleet has set up its home, why not experience some serious ocean angling and join a fishing charter and head out to sea, snap up fresh fish or dine out at a local hotel served in a true gourmet style and then head to the pelican feeding area and witness a merry crew of native birds as they gobble up their own seafood meal. 

Walk in the footsteps of the island’s early inhabitants on a stroll along the cliffs from San Reno to Kilcunda on the George bass coastal walk, even take detours to desert beaches and bays, passing by the quarry rocks where a stone was quarried to build bans and business chambers in Melbourne, all part of the small piece of history. 

DAY 8 Mornington Peninsula to Melbourne 69kms 

Hot Springs 

After the long trip from Sydney, perhaps it’s time to sit back and relax and enjoy a little R&R just for you. The sanctuary at Alba, a thermal spring and day spa is in the heart of the Mornington Peninsula. Indulge in the restorative powers of the geothermal springs, whether it be the invigorating rain pol or the subtle indulgence of the herbal-induced botanical pools, relaxation can be on the books and so, deserves a visit. 

City Circle Tramp loop 

Australia’s second-largest city is not far away and famous for its events, sports, cafe culture and an amazing array of cuisine to settle any palate. Check out the city circle tram loop which offers a free way to see some of Melbourne’s top shops and attractions. The tram runs every 12 minutes, so you can’t miss out and take 48minutes to complete one full loop and includes stops like the Botanical gardens, Parliament house, and the Healesville Sanctuary.  

Royal Botanical gardens 

Attracting over 1,900,000 visitors annually, Melbourne gardens are a treasured part of cultural life and a valuable asset to the heritage-rich city. showcasing some stunning vistas, tranquil lakes, and diverse plant collections jumping off the tram loop to visit the gardens, is worth the discovery and delight. 

Not only that enjoy the Aboriginal heritage walk a free guided walk, a ride on the garden’s explorer, or punting on the tranquil ornamental lake all set against the extraordinary backdrop and located just moments front the city. These amazing gardens are home to some incredible and diverse plant collections such as camellias rainforest flora succulents’ cacti, roses, Californian species, ferns, and so much more.  

Other Tips  

To continue to enjoy the perks and wonders of what Melbourne has to offer, have a look at some of the awesome cafes and attractions that the tram circle has to offer. Be sure to spend a few days here to get the most of your incredible experience in the city of Melbourne. 



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