How to Travel With No Money

If you have always thought that travel costs money, wait till you read this article. You are sure to discover exciting new ways of how to travel with no money!  Soon you are going to remove those age-old barriers in your mind that prevent you from exploring the world.   Even if you have nothing saved and have no financial reserves to back upon, you can still fulfill your dreams.

Well, travel does cost some money after all.  The whole point here is that people do have money and financial resources even when they are broke. They are just not looking in the right direction. Still, you do not need to be filthy rich to travel.

Look for work overseas or become a digital nomad
If you are not saving enough money at your job, why not get a job overseas. Perhaps you are not aware, but there are plenty of opportunities awaiting you, and you can look for some jobs that can foot your bills. Some great jobs for expats include hostel worker, bartender, waitress/waiter, tour guide, farm worker, seasonal worker, cruise ship worker and more. You not only get to travel at someone else’s expenses but land a great job too!  Another great option is to become a digital nomad by find a job that you can do online from anywhere in the world. Some great options include freelance writer, copywriter, online tutor, translator, website designer, graphic designer or start a travel blog. Here are some great tools for digital nomads.

Get free flights and hotels with miles and points
Several free flights can be arranged for only if you know how. You can sign up for a few travel credit cards and start collecting miles. Soon you will have enough points to get free or cheap flights. Collect hundreds of thousands of miles and enjoy a free flight. Watch out for super cheap deals from airlines. Sign up for the airline mailing lists and keep your eyes open for special bonus offers.

Be an English instructor abroad
There is a rising demand for teaching English overseas. If you are confident of your English skills, put them to use and make money for travel by teaching English. You can earn loads of money and thousands of dollars just by teaching the language in countries like Thailand and South Korea. The world is looking for good English teachers, and this is a job that is high in demand. The best part is that your flight will be paid for.

Study abroad programs, scholarships and internships for students
If you are a student, look into programs, internships and scholarships that will enable you to travel without money. A great resource for useful info on traveling for free, especially if you are a student can be found in “A Student’s Guide to Traveling without Spending Money.” Browse the eBook to learn how to apply for a specific volunteer, internship and scholarship program. You will find detailed instructions on how to write essay or a personal statement and the application letters.

Sell your stuff
The first step is selling your stuff. You not only earn some quick money but are also able to get rid of the old baggage and junk lying at home. Selling your belongings that you really don’t need is a smart way to make the dream of traveling a reality. You could sell old furniture, boots, and dresses or any electronic gadgets that you do not need anymore.


Housesitting is a great way to stay at a nice place for free. If you are a housesitter you can stay in people’s homes in exchange for taking care of their houses and pets.  Here are some tips on how to land your first housesitting job.

Camp for free or couchsurf
There is no need to stay at an expensive hotel when you can be in the middle of nature and camp for free. All you need to do is carry a lightweight tent or travel with a hammock and a mosquito net. There are already many travelers who prefer to holiday this way and have a great time and choose to camp wherever they want. If camping is not for you, you can stay with locals for free by connecting on websites such as couchsurfing.com.

Now you can look at life without limits, once you realize that money cannot prevent them from chasing your dream of traveling the world.  Most of us are not aware of some of the easy solutions available.


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