Best Islands to Visit in French Polynesia

The French Polynesia, constructed with magnificent, luscious green foliage and vibrant, sapphire blue skies, is the epitome of a prime vacation destination. With its impeccable island culture and mesmerizing tranquility, the French Polynesia offers an abundance of scenic views and a great get-a-away experience for you and a loved one, for a once in a lifetime tropical adventure. Though many focus on Bora Bora when it comes to this country of over 118 islands stretching across the South Pacific Ocean, the French Polynesia offers so much more. The following are only a few of the top, beautiful islands and mesmerizing scenes that the French Polynesia has to offer for that perfect, summer island vacation.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora
Photo CC by Didierlefort

This is in fact one of the most well-known and popular vacation destinations when it comes to vacationing in the French Polynesia, and for good reason too. The small island Northwest of Tahiti has beautiful coral reefs and a crisp, vibrant lagoon; making it the place to go for scuba diving, jet skiing, and kitesurfing. Most resorts cater to luxury and romance, making a this island a perfect honeymoon location. Being a primarily “water-lover’s paradise,” practically all bungalows are over water, giving the full on immersion to island culture and to the oceanic atmosphere. And if you want to get even more in tune with all that this oceanic island has to offer, there are numerous boat tours that take you around the magnificent island coasts to get a better view of the glistening coral reefs and life.

When choosing not to indulge in relaxing spa treatments, invigorating jet skiing, or amazing shark and Manta ray feeding, you can hike up the scenic Mount Otemanu for a breathtaking photo session or for just an adrenaline-coursing sense of adventure as you trek the 2,500-foot extinct volcano.

Regardless of what you choose to do, Bora Bora offers everything from jaw dropping surprise to luxurious relaxation, all complete with a never ending warm and scenic atmosphere.


Photo CC BY-SA 2.0 by ShaneHale7

Another of the most well-known French Polynesian islands, Tahiti offers vibrant, white sand beaches with crystal clear waters. The water at Tahiti is so clear, tourists can see the reflection of the sky perfectly, offering a spectacular photo opportunity for any photographers or photo enthusiasts. However, Tahiti’s beaches and water aren’t the only things that make this an amazing vacation destination.

Tahiti’s inland is the place to go for adventure and scenic views. The mountainous interior with deep, rich green valleys hide away magnificent stone temples, encompassing the many years of culture and architecture that the indigenous people had constructed. And if you don’t feel like walking through the island’s beautiful luscious greenery, there are numerous places that offer bike rentals so you can go on a relaxing bicycle stroll through every nook and cranny of this soft breezed island.

The island is also very much well known for its mouth-watering, succulent pineapples and pineapple juice; to this effect, there are numerous pineapple plantations scattered throughout the island, giving tourists a chance to taste one of the most delicious fruits of the island.

At the end of the day, when it’s time to relax and get away from everything, the white sand beaches offer a terrific place to lie down with a cocktail in hand to gaze at the vibrant and luminous stars above. Regardless of what you choose to do, Tahiti is sure to please.


Rémi Jouan, CC-BY-SA, GNU Free Documentation License, Wikimedia Commons

Though Mo’orea is a lesser known of the islands mentioned already, this scenic destination referred to locals at the Magical Island and The Enchantress certainly acquired its title for a reason.

The island is primarily known for its cascading, sprawling waterfalls hidden away with vibrant, peaceful meadows and majestic greenery. The mountainous hills scattered throughout the island’s inland give a perfect vantage point and wide angle view of Cook’s Bay, infused with dark blue waters and tranquil bobbing tides.

Other than the scenic inland, the island’s outskirts also offer many opportunities to swim with the dolphins in shallow waters, truly a once in a lifetime experience and a “must-do” for any tourists wanting to bring home a story. Along with this experience, there are a multitude glass-bottom boat tours, snorkeling opportunities, and bus tours.

However, if you want a chance to rest in complete solitude and tranquility, the island has a number of far off coves and peaceful, sandy beaches. But the most impressive is discovering secluded waterfalls throughout the island, offering perfect spots to relax with a group of friends in crystal clear waters.

Other Islands to Consider

With over 118 island, the French Polynesia offers something for everyone. If you are someone who wishes to get to the true heart of the French Polynesian culture, then the Island Raiatea is for you. Considered to be the birthplace of the Polynesia, Raiatea offers sprawling, stone temples; with Marae Taputapuatea being the largest temple out of all the islands.

If you want to experience less tourist traps and more of a peaceful get away of just relaxing on beaches or walking through the island’s scenic views, Huahine Island is perfect. Known as the Garden of Eden, Huahine has probably the fewest local inhabitants as well as very few tourist spots, giving a fully immersive experience into what it feels like to be encapsulated in complete serenity.

Regardless of where you want to go or what you wish to do, the French Polynesia certainly has something for everyone. With its kind and welcoming inhabitants, a multitude of scenic views and activities, and succulent traditional foods; the Polynesia welcomes you to a life changing experience. For more information about French Polynesia, see other posts at HoneymoonAlways.com.

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