Why Les Gets Suits the Solo Traveller Learning to Ski

Not everyone would want to travel with someone and that going alone may sound more fun. Who says travelling alone wouldn’t be as memorable as going on a holiday with friends?

Benefits of solo travel

For some people, a lone trip to the Alps may seem like a sad experience, but some people have found solo travel to be a gratifying experience. Here are some of the benefits of going solo on your next ski break:

It makes trip planning easier: You and your friends may have different ideas on how to spend your holiday and end up not agreeing. Planning solo may just be what you need in this case.

You get to have some “me” time: When you have been too burdened with work or you feel that you have spent much of your time with others, sometimes you may just feel the need to have some quality time by yourself.

You are the master of your itinerary: Being with other people may result to having so many options and whole lot of confusion. Some may want to explore different art museums, some would want to visit a theme park, and others would rather spend the day in the beach. When you travel solo, whatever ypou plan to do will definitely happen.

You get to meet new acquaintances: Going solo might also be a great way to meet new people. Some people would introduce themselves to you, or you chance upon them in common skiing activities. Eventually, you get to do the same things during the holiday, and possible end up being friends.

You can experience the holiday exclusively: If you are traveling because you want to connect to the place, its culture and people, then going solo is an experience that can be more meaningful for you. Some travel with a companion, and what they have is a shared experience. In contrast, when you travel alone, you get this unusual connection to the place without any interference.

Travelling alone may help boost your confidence: Imagine how your life away from home gives you the opportunity to brave every obstacle that may come your way. Going to far-off places on your own is an exhilarating feeling, and may develop self-confidence.

It lets you focus on the destination, not on your companions: You wouldn’t want to get too many distractions from anyone when your intention to travel is to learn something new, such as skiing. You may want to have your full focus on it that having a companion may not allow you to do what you want.

Budget management is easier: Being on your own means not having to deal with unplanned spending. You get to budget everything, and there will be no one to push you to spend something that you will regret on buying later.

You have complete control: Solo travel has the potential to make you fully satisfied in the end because you get to do exactly what you have planned and experience more things that you can ever imagine.

The French Alps Offers An Amazing Solo Travel Experience

Why Les Gets Suits the Solo Traveller Learning to Ski

When you travel solo, it’s probably because you want to experience new things. Going to your favorite destinations may be fine and all, but wouldn’t that be a bore in the long run? Most people have involved themselves in solo travel because of the benefits that they get from the experience.

It’s almost that time of the year when people flock to the French Alps and experience the slopes of the different regions in France where so many people have fun skiing, snowboarding, quadbiking, and so much more. If you have never tried skiing and would want to try it now, then this is the best time for you to pack your bags and be ready for an experience of a lifetime. Remember, though, that aside from packing your bag with your ski gear, you need to check everything that you may need prior to travelling.

Les Gets: The Perfect Place For A Ski Holiday

Les Gets is a small community in the Haute-Savoie region in the south-eastern part of France. Its first single person chairlift was open to the public in 1938. Les Gets is located between Taninges and Morzine.

Les Gets hosts a festival of Mechanical Music twice a year, which has been running for the past 25 years. This is such an important festive season for locals, to the point that roads are closed and filled with barrel organs.

It is also known as a good place for skiing. Whether you come solo or with your family, the place is just the perfect place to explore the beautiful terrain and have a picturesque view of the mountains.

Les Gets is a linked resort found within the Portes de Soleil. The ski area consists of blue and red runs (beginner and intermediate). “The Bowl” serves as the area where ski runs and chairlift feeds are located.

There are a lot of popular good off-piste skiing and snowboarding spots located on the sides of Yeti, which is the long black run off Chamossiere. There is also a snowpark located at Mont Chery that has kickers, rails, a spine, and a boarder cross.

Skiing Solo in Les Gets

This is a good place to go solo skiing because resorts offer a variety of options on how you can enjoy your holidays. The singles ski holiday allows you to be with other people when you want to, and can choose to be on your own. You get the opportunity to learn skiing and meet new people by yourself.

In Les Gets, you have the option to stay with a group for other fun-filled activities. Some resorts offer a six-day program with each day designed to cater to a different ski level.

Most solo travelers are offered chalets instead of having to check into hotels. These accommodation options cost much less because hotel room rates are based on twin sharing. Even if you are a solo traveler, you will be asked to pay for two.

First time skiers are assured that there are ski schools and ski professionals that will be glad to teach them. They will be encouraged to learn more until they become experts. To become an expert, it will take a few more lessons and that would mean having to come back when you have the time.

What’s great with Les Gets is that the ski lessons are not for beginners alone. People with intermediate skiing skills will be able to upgrade what they know already, and hopefully improve the way they ski. You may do a quick online search on the best ski training centers in Les Gets.

The new experience may make you encourage your friends to come with you the next time you want to travel in a group. Having that much-needed solo holiday may provide you with such inspiration when you get back to the city. In short, sometimes all we need is solitude and time off from social activities.

After you experience solo travel, it won’t be the last time that you will see yourself spending some quality time alone. Skiing at Les Gets will give you the greatest time of your life, and you will find yourself coming back practically every year!


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