Most Under Rated Tourist Attractions in Malaysia

You may have perhaps visited Malaysia once or twice or a couple of times and have come back with some great memories and experiences. For those who are yet to visit the fabulous country with amazing attractions, get your visa for Malaysia!

You love recalling your visit to Kuala Lumpur, the stunning architecture, visiting the colonial palaces and buildings, and the quintessential Petronas Towers. There are plenty of things to do in and around the country’s capital. If you think you have seen most of Malaysia, you couldn’t be more wrong. After all, there are still many spots and sites that are missed out on by most tourists and travelers simply because they are underrated.

Here are some of the hidden gems in Malaysia and underrated tourist attractions that are a must-see for every visitor.

Kudat – a quiet beachside town
 Visit Kudat, which is also known as the ‘Tip of Borneo’, for an escape from the busy city life. You will love the quiet town with pristine beaches and clear blue waters. Located at the very tip of Borneo, get ready for a truly novel experience as you enjoy panoramic views of the Sulu and China Sea.

Sasaran Beach – The sky mirror
 The still shallow waters of Sasaran Beach create a mirror-like effect, and the beach is perfectly Instagram-worthy. However, this amazing mirror-like phenomenon only occurs twice a month. Thus, you should plan your trip accordingly so as to not miss out on the wonder.

 Saanen Dairy Goat Farm For a great experience
 Located in Georgetown, Saanen Dairy Goat Farm is worth a visit. After all, we seldom get a chance to spend some quality moments with nature. The family-friendly farm is very popular among all. You can watch the milking process, feed the goats, and enjoy fresh dairy products.

Belum Rainforest for animal lovers
If you love animals, Belum Rainforest is believed to be more than 130 million years old and thus is among the oldest rainforests in the world. You can zipline across Temenggor Lake to admire the wide expanse of the rainforest as well as spend the night in the forest reserve. You might be able to spot  some of the endangered species such as Malayan Tapir, Asiatic Elephant, and Malaysian Tiger.

Malacca – Enjoy sand boarding
mosque in Malacca Malaysia
For those looking for a desert, the experience should head down to Malacca. Here they will find a long stretch of an abandoned stretch of sand beside Klebang Beach. Malacca deserts are already a popular tourist attraction. Those artificial dunes remind you of the Sahara desserts and offer an Insta-worthy panorama.

Tasik Kenyir – Man made lake
 Tasik Kenyir should indeed be on your list of must-go places in Malaysia. What is great about this lake, with an unassuming name and feel is that it happens to be the biggest man-made lake in Southeast Asia. You will love the rich reservoir and the surrounding majestic rainforest.

There could be some more names added to the list above; however, those wonderful attractions make for a great start for all those looking for the most underrated tourist attractions in Malaysia.


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