Set Yourself Off On A Great American Road Trip

The United States of America is one of the best places to travel. The country is almost as big as the entire continent of Europe, and each state has its own culture and atmosphere. In the east you may see vast forests and greenery, whereas the west has hot, sandy deserts. All along the coastline you can see gorgeous beaches, and there are plenty of mountains and trails to take in.

american road trip route 66

With so much to see and do, the best way to experience America is with a road trip. All 50 states have something new to see, and there’s a lot you can do in one day.

(Check out my road trip packing list to make sure you don’t forget any road trip essentials!)

With that said, you may want to head off on your own Great American Road Trip. Here’s some tips to help you on your way.

Get A Vehicle Fit For Road Tripping

The drive between states can be long and exhausting. In addition to that, you’ll need somewhere comfortable to rest. When you’re travelling somewhere new each day, finding somewhere to stay can be time consuming and expensive.

The best way to travel America is in a travelling vehicle. Investing in a luxury travel trailer can give you and the rest of your party a place to eat, sleep and relax right on the back of your car! Alternatively, you can also look into renting an RV.

There are plenty of campgrounds and RV parking spots you can stop at while on the road. Having a travel trailer is one of the best ways to travel, as you’ll always have somewhere to rest and store your belongings no matter where you go.

Check Out The Hikes

America plays host to a massive amount of great hiking trails. While some are huge and require a lot of time, others take a mere couple of hours. Heading out with your hiking boots, sturdy hiking sticks, and a picnic basket can be a great way to spend the day.

Maybe you want to check out some of the famous mountains of Colorado, or some of the beautiful waterfalls in Georgia. Whichever way, hiking is a great way to experience the diverse nature of the United States.

Take The Iconic Routes

Even some of the roads in America are legendary in themselves. Routes such as Pacific Coast Highway and Route 66 are famous for their great views and stops along the way. These make for a great road trip experience, so be sure to at least check one out.  

Bring Your Fishing Gear

America is well known for its fishing spots. Between the lakes, bays and national parks, there are tons of places to take in a bit of fishing. It’s also a great way to relax and enjoy a day with nature, so if you don’t fish already, it may be time to start!

See the Cities

Everywhere in America has something different to offer. You can check out Chicago’s great architecture, the bright lights of Las Vegas, explore Seattle, New Orleans like a local or the golden beaches of LA and San Diego. Take in some sights, shopping and great food in all the hospitable locations of the states.



  1. US road trips are the best! We’ll be embarking on our fifth one next summer. I have to say though RV’s have their pros and cons. I actually think a minivan + motels is a better way to travel, especially if your road trip is shorter than 2-3 weeks.

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