Top Tips for Flawless Family Selfies on the Road

Road trips are all about spontaneity, letting loose, and enjoying life. While many dread the idea of taking their young kids on such an adventure, it’s even more memorable with the little ones learning all the wonders of your itinerary with you. If nothing else, you’ll never get bored in your vehicle.

We’re social beings and love capturing and sharing our experiences with others. So, you’re sure to have the camera in hand half the time, snapping shots of the kiddos in a beautiful park or enjoying the relaxing sunset drive. 

Don’t forget to take selfies while you’re at it. You’ll want to be in at least some of the pictures, sharing the moment with your loved ones. Let’s explore ways to make all family road trip selfies flawless and seamless.

Use Accessories

Holding the phone at arm’s length is good enough when you’re taking a solo shot or with a toddler in your lap. If there’s more of you, though, it’ll be challenging to get all family members in the photo from such a short distance.

Selfie sticks are your best friend in this department – learn how to use them. Keep one in your bag and whip it out whenever you’re getting ready to shoot to fit everybody in and include a bit of landscape.

Snap Generously

Taking multiple shots is your best bet, even if everybody’s ready for a selfie. That way, you won’t end up with pics of a yawning baby, blinking toddler, or double-chinned spouse. 

Try different poses and angles and switch between the horizontal and vertical modes. You’ll have multiple options to choose from once you get posting.

Capture the Golden Hour

Sunshine makes your trip ten times better, but it won’t do you any justice in photos. While you could look for shaded locations throughout the day, it’s better to relax and soak in Vitamin D. 

Leave the selfie action for early mornings and late evenings when the sun creates a warm, mellow light to seize your natural beauty and make your skin and eyes pop.

Leave Room for Scenery

Your instinct is likely to huddle close together for the selfie. While it does make for a cute pic, the varying heights make it hard to include everybody into the frame and get some of that stunning background involved. 

So, especially if you’re using a selfie stick, stand a bit further apart. Let the person with the camera stay in the foreground while the rest of you spread behind them to showcase the location and your cute travel outfits.

family selfie on the beach

Ignore the Strangers

It’s natural to feel awkward when snapping selfies in public. It feels like all eyes are on you! That’s not true, though, and even if somebody was watching you, they’re much more likely to smile at the sight of your beautiful family than judge you for taking a picture. 

Use spots that seem like great photo opportunities, despite the people around you. The killer snap is the trophy for overcoming the uneasiness!

Get Moving

Your family is dynamic, and everybody gets extra energetic out on the open road. Why not drop the attempts to capture a non-blurry photo and start recording instead? 

Get an Instagram selfie video editor and share a collection of the best moments with the laughing kids for the world to see.

Give Control to Your Child

Of course, you won’t want a toddler snapping your selfies, but if your kid is a bit older, take advantage of their expertise. 

Young teens are already proficient with selfie-taking, thanks to their attempts and all examples they’ve seen online. Plus, putting them in charge makes them more animated for the photo, and their skills might surprise you.

In a Nutshell

If you remember one thing from this guide, let it be this – the selfies you take don’t have to be perfect. Traveling with the entire family is messy, and capturing the beautiful jumble will only add to the authenticity, bringing a smile to your face each time you go through your shots.


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