Essential tips for a fishing trip

Probably, if you have come across this article, you are looking for effective and quick tips for better organization of your first fishing trip.

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Obviously it is necessary to consider that not all types of fishing are the same and that before devoting oneself to one type rather than another, it is necessary to prepare yourself adequately.

In any case, we have decided to summarize in a ready-to-use article, a series of useful tips for fishing, simple but important, to avoid some unpleasant inconveniences that can often happen.

So here’s our list:

License and permits

It is important to always be in good standing with the permits and with the sports federations. Remember to get your fishing license, pay the required fee, and check for any additional permits before going fishing.

Prepare adequate equipment

Check and prepare your equipment before leaving, to avoid arriving at the fishing site without some essential accessories.

Depending on the type of fishing, you will certainly need specific tools such as a cordless drill ice auger, but in general it is always useful to have basic equipment for all occasions. Also, if you are into kayaking, you can also go for a fishing kayak instead of regular boats.

Use clothing suitable for the climatic conditions, comfortable and breathable, and always use a hat to protect the garment in case of strong sun and thus avoiding the risk of sunstroke.

Choose a pair of comfortable shoes, preferably non-slip footwear: depending on the route you have to take, these can truly save your life. In case you are getting ready for river fishing, think about waterproofs pants as well. In any case, always check carefully where you put your feet and hands.

To protect yourself from the glare of the sun and avoid damaging your eyesight, use polarized glasses: today the use of polarized sunglasses has become essential for navigators and fishermen and for many other outdoor sports enthusiasts.

Polarized lenses are made with a specific chemical film that helps neutralize polarized light that can be caused by the reflection of sunlight outside on surfaces of water, snow or solid surfaces.

Did you know that you can find great polarized glasses for fishing even under $ 100? Here is an article that can help you in your choice. https://best-fishing-sunglasses.com/under-100

Health and safety

Always stay hydrated: bring water to drink with you, especially on hot days.

Always carry disinfectant wipes, plasters, a spray for insect bites or better, hydrogen peroxide with you in case of small wounds.

If possible, always carry your mobile phone with you and memorize emergency numbers; and before leaving, always notify someone, specifying the exact place where you will go fishing.

During the fishing trip, pay close attention to electricity: do not go near low electric cables, and avoid fishing with carbon rods when it rains heavily.

Lastly, if you enter the water, beware of the current and holes.

Respect nature

The first and most important thing, which goes beyond sporting passion, is civic education: respect nature and the places where you go fishing. In this way the next time you’ll go there, you’ll find them as they were, untouched, and leave them clean to those who come after you.

For this reason, never throw the line on the ground or in the water and do not contaminates the land and water where you fish.

If you have decided to release the fish, squeeze the barb: it will help you unhook it better and not hurt it.

Also, do not use too small threads as they could break and remain in the fish’s mouth together with the hook.

Try not to touch the fish too much with your hands; wet them first if you can, so you will avoid burns. If you have to photograph him, be quick: one photo is enough, don’t take too many poses.

If you have to unhook it, use the appropriate pliers, and if the hook is in the throat and you risk damaging the fish’s mouth and gills, cut the line.

The last advice we would like to give you is to remember that fishing is fun, a hobby, a clean sport: live it in the right way with respect for nature, fish and other fishermen like you.

We hope that you find this article helpful and we wish you a lovely fishing trip.


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