Reconnect with the great outdoors in 2021: 5 essentials for your next trip

Last year, vacations and leisure trips became things we dreamed of.  So it’s no surprise that we’re all desperate for a change of scenery. No need for long, expensive flights and fancy hotels, though. What better than a road trip and a few days camping in the wilderness, to reconnect with the natural world we’ve all come to appreciate so much more?


In addition to the basic supplies such as tents, sleeping bags and of course plenty of food and drink, what are some other items you should consider as essential?

Fire supplies

Taking enough tools to start a fire, and knowing how to do it, are essential for safety – given how temperatures can plummet without warning in the mountains or the desert at night. If you’re camping in an area where there isn’t an abundance of suitable firewood, consider taking some with you as a precaution. You’ll be grateful for the warmth, and nothing tastes as good as hot food cooked on a campfire.  A full gas lighter, as well as a supply of matches as a backup, will help get one going quickly when you’re freezing cold.

Go Solar

Portable solar kits are a great investment and will soon become an indispensable part of your RV/camping set-up.  These days there is a wide range of compact solar-powered gadgets  to choose from, such as lanterns, water purifiers, and battery chargers that you can carry when hiking. If you’re planning a longer trip, sites such as Outdoorsera.com can tell you whatever you’ll need to know about living for extended periods without being connected to utilities.

Navigation aids

Taking along a compass and map may seem a low-tech solution – after all, you’ve got your GPS and smartphone for navigation.  But when you’re hiking into the wilderness, away from your base camp, or even if you’re headed off-road and your RV breaks down, you can find that you’re lost and have no signal. That’s when, providing you are proficient in using them, they’ll be indispensable in leading you in the right direction, back to safety. Best to practice beforehand, rather than trying to figure it out on the day!

High energy foods

However much food you take with you when you head into nature take plenty of high-energy snacks to sustain you in case of emergency.   High-fat foods, such as nuts, will give you stamina and help keep your hunger at bay for longer.  Obviously, you’ll take enough water to last for the trip, but also pack some water purification tablets to keep you safe in case you find that you need to drink from streams or pools.

Medical kit

It’s essential to deal with mishaps and injuries which could spoil your trip or escalate into something more serious. Antiseptic wipes, antibacterial ointment, and a supply of bandages and tape to deal with wounds are the basics. Antihistamine cream for insect stings and bites is also useful. Medication such as ibuprofen can be used for more painful injuries, such as sprains, especially if you’re far from medical help.


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