Solving The Family’s Camping Complaints Before They Happen

The great outdoor camping vacation. It should be a joyous time where everyone’s getting active, exploring the wilderness, and enjoying one another’s company. However, most of us are creatures of habit and if you’re camping with the family, a little mistake can lead to a lot of complaining. So, before you set off, here are four of the most common complaints you can solve in advance.

Solving The Family’s Camping Complaints Before They Happen
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This food’s cold/soaked/tastes weird

We’re starting with the food because beyond being an important part of enjoying a trip, you don’t want any mistakes with your food to pose a risk of making everyone sick. Don’t rely entirely on cooking over a fire or BBQ, for one. Prepare some meals in advance and think about getting a mini wood stove camping. When you do cook outdoors, have a meat thermometer ready. Buy Thermo Boutique steel lunch boxes or similar containers to make sure that your food is sealed up tight so that no contaminants or rain can get inside. Many have been on a hike only to find their cheap plastic lunch box seems to have let all the rain into the food.

It’s cold/wet/hot

Do your research in advance, looking at weather reports for where you’re going to camp. Even if you’re sure you’ve picked a relatively good day, prepare for everything. Pack to fit every camping experience, for cold weather, hot, and wet weather. Regardless of how dry it says it is, invest in a waterproof tent. As for the heat, you want to make sure that you have plenty of sunscreen with you. Or camp by a stream so you can take a dip in the cool water when you need to.

This gadget’s broken/dead/useless

We do love our gadgets. But not when they stop working on us. First of all, make sure that you test every device you plan on using out there to see if they have any bugs or issues and keep them fully charged before you head off. When you’re out there, it might be worth buying a Nomad 7 solar panel or other chargers to keep everyone’s devices switched on. Nowadays, these devices prove more than a distraction on camping trips. They can be educational tools as well as particularly important for contacting help if you need it.

I’m bored

This is an issue you shouldn’t have and if you do have it, it’s likely because you haven’t planned out the trip very well. There are plenty of activities to try when camping, so it’s all about looking for what’s available in your area before you go out. Even if the family has had their fill of fishing, hiking, or mountain biking, you have to think about what you do with your evenings as well. Prepare your fun box with family games, books, and more little pieces of entertainment to keep everyone satisfied.

The tips above aren’t just going to keep the family from complaining. They will keep them safe and comfortable. Less important just more rewarding, they’re going to make them want to go camping again.