Strong Connection Between Music and Travel

Music is a massive part of everyone’s life. Someone doesn’t leave home without headphones, can’t imagine a trip without their favorite album, collects records, goes to concerts of their famous artist in all countries of the world, sings every hit song on the radio. And how many cult songs were originally soundtracks!

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There has been a lot of research to find the connection between music and travel. For example, why do different people like a particular genre, which parts of the brain are activated during listening, and whether other types of music influence these parts? Turn on your favorite album and find out how it affects us and our travels:

Changes perception

When it’s gray outside, it’s raining, and the day doesn’t work out – we usually choose to listen to slow, sad music. When we go to a party, we include something optimistic and danceable. We listen to something motivating and easy when we go on a trip. It turns out that we are not the only ones who react to the mood of the melodies. Our brain also responds differently to a happy and sad melody. 

You can try to research papers to find free examples of essays and learn more about the influence of melodies on our life. Many music essay examples provide many valuable things about interesting research. Such examples of essays can help you choose the best music for your journey, and when you read essays, you also develop your writing skills. You can see the world better while listening to music. And you can discover new musical directions through traveling. So if you want the trip to be fun and everyone around you to feel happy, include a selection of fun tracks!

Increased activity

Research on how music affects training has been going on for years. As early as 1911, American researcher Leonard Ayres discovered that cyclists pedalled faster while listening to different melodies than in complete silence. It is because melodies don’t give the brain time to get tired. When our body understands how tired we are and wants to stop moving, it sends signals to the brain to stop to rest. Listening to music:

  • provides complete attention to the brain;
  • helps us to suppress any signs of fatigue;

When we listen to music, we not only overcome the pain of training longer or walking longer, but we also help ourselves use our energy more efficiently. So on your next trip, grab headphones with energetic music or find travel music.

Helps fight stress

Why not use music as a means of relaxation and stress relief? Sometimes traveling is very tiring and exhausting. Stressful situations can also occur. Studies show that a bit of about 60 beats per minute can cause the brain to synchronize with the rhythm that causes alpha brain waves. This wave is the wave of our relaxed state. This rhythm adjusts the brain to complete rest and sleep. How to choose a melody that will calm you down? First, you have to like the melody and then relax. Listening to a track that irritates or makes you want to dance immediately will only worsen the situation. Look for the same melody that sets you up for inner peace.

Pumps our memory

A 2019 study shows that melody can activate the same reward centers in our brains that turn on when we do something enjoyable – eat, travel, meet friends. Encouraging your favorite music can motivate you to learn new information. And listening to melodies in between classes inspires and tunes in to more active learning. According to another study conducted in 2014 by Stanford University School of Medicine, listening to compositions has helped seniors cope better with memory and data processing. The results show that certain types of melodies help improve memory and other brain cognitive functions.


Whatever the weather outside, each of us, one way or another, is searching for sources of inspiration, fresh energy, energy, and new ideas. That’s how we go on a journey – because the trip, as they say, becomes one event, investing in which a person always receives more than he gives. But it happens that there is no mood to go at all. However, the understanding that traveling now is the best option does not disappear. And here, the melody comes to our aid. After all, travel is inspired not only by adventure movies, but also by music videos and melodies. 

As the “classics” have long been known, so is entirely new music about traveling. Each trip is its particular song. Then this is how an actual playlist of life can be formed, which later inspires to create even among office walls. And makes you move on!


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