Work and Travel: College Degrees That Allow You to See the World

There are majors that students can get to travel around the world. These degrees are known for their international appeal. This means that aspiring college students that intend to study them will have a lot of joy. Students that seek to study any of these degrees or are already doing so will need to write a research paper project or essay.

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Such assignments are generally necessary for completing the programs and play a major role in getting the degree at last. The good thing is that students can visit websites like https://samplius.com for free examples of projects and essays. Such websites are known for helping students with international degrees projects and essays, especially when they do not have free time. That being said, here are the majors and travel degrees that allow you to travel worldwide.


Education is one of the best college degrees that allow you to tour the globe. This degree is not just the kind that can make you learn abroad, but you can also teach anywhere. This is because there are lots of opportunities in education. As an educationist, you can be employed to teach English-speaking kids on a military base. You can even set up your private education center in a foreign country. The list of travel opportunities in education cannot be exhausted.

Places like Eastern Asia are in high demand for individuals that can teach English as a second language. To get this degree in college, you have to specialize in one aspect of education. You can study elementary or early childhood education as they are in high demand in foreign countries.


One thought that comes to the mind of many about nursing is that they think it is all about working in a private clinic or a public health facility. If you want to list college degrees that can take you around the world, nursing will always be mentioned. With a degree in nursing, you can work in any health facility around the globe. You can also work in various fields, including critical care, oncology, cardiology, etc. And you can specialize in any of these fields and work in any health center worldwide.


This is another college degree that you can make an international career. Linguistics is the study of languages, and it is an excellent degree to bag if you plan on having an international career anywhere in the world. The degree enables you to understand the history and origin of different languages, thus, helping you with profound knowledge about the languages in question. You can get a job translating languages anywhere in the world. Apart from that, you can teach linguistics as a degree either at home or abroad. To get this degree, you will have to study specific linguistic courses like syntax, phonetics, and the like.

Human Resources

Human resources is another career that can serve you a ticket to travel around the world. While some persons with this degree work in offices here at home, some use the interpersonal skill developed in classes to work around the globe. One good thing about human resources is that you can work in different sectors, including hotels, the health field, etc. To get a degree in human resources, you will take different studies in business, financial management, and human relations.


You can make a complete list of courses offering traveling tickets to work abroad without mentioning journalism. Aside from getting a job to work abroad, some opportunities can make you tour the globe. For instance, you can travel to different places to get stories for news organizations. Journalism does not only offer tickets to travel abroad but also allows standing before leaders and powerful people. They are always on the front line to get stories to share in the news. To get a degree in journalism, you must also put in the work in the classroom. You will study creative writing, mass communication, interviewing techniques, etc.


Aviation is one of the ideal careers to take you places around the world. Pilots get to see much of the world around them. You can work as a private pilot or use your degree to travel worldwide. Pilots are in high demand around the world. You could be served a ticket to work in an International airport. However, it is a safety-sensitive course that demands a lot of work in the classroom. You will also have to do many flying tests before receiving your license to ensure you are well experienced.

 Institutions That Offer These Degrees

  • University of Oxford
  • Stanford University
  • Harvard University
  • University of Cambridge
  • University of California


This article has considered important majors that students can go for to travel the world as much as they want. These degrees are high-income skills and have real international appeal. The piece also considered universities where students can study these majors and make real money. Students can always trust the information here for their benefit.


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